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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Eyewitness account of Terri Schiavo

--- In apag4life@yahoogroups.com, Paul Fratianni <prolifecommunity@s...>
> The Paragraphs bellow are excerpts from a letter Fr. Frank wrote in
response the the recent autopsy on Terri. I felt this part was
exceptionally well put and really put the focus where it needed to be.

> "I will never forget my hours with Terri, both before and after her
feeding tube was removed. She responded to me, and she responded to
others who visited her. She laughed, she tried to speak, she returned
her parents' kisses, she followed us with her eyes, she closed her eyes
when I prayed with her and opened them when we were finished.
> Medical examiners can offer their conclusions because of what they
saw, but none of that changes what we saw. But both we and the medical
examiners were looking in from the outside. Any honest medical expert
will admit that there is so much about the human brain we still don't
know. What Terri experienced on the inside is a mystery that only she
and God know."
> And finally Frank suggests maybe, "it's time for an examination of
our souls." Good Suggestion.
> Paul

> http://www.prolifecommunity.net/ * * * "A diverse community
bonded together by a shared value of life"

My comment: you cannot tell how Terri Schiavo functioned as a living
person by looking at her dead brain.
If Terri, reacting as she was observed to by Father Frank and others,
could be deemed to be 'dead' by the pro-death movement, how alive are
you and I?