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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Terri Schiavo Memorial Quilt Project

Link above leads to my web pages on the quilt project.

It's far from complete but it explains the project and also has a 'names' page which lists 43 victims of the euthanasia movement by name: from Terri Schiavo to King George V to baby Allan Bollinger, killed in 1915 because he was born with physical disabilities and his doctor thought it a crime to keep alive 'one of Nature's cruelest blunders'.

Euthanasia mentality has gone so far that some disabled and elderly people are having a hard time getting the medical care (or food and water) they want because their doctors think they are better off dead--- like stroke victim Margery Nighbert, who begged for food and water while being starved/dehydrated to death, only to have a judge rule her incompetent to make such a request.