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Monday, June 20, 2005

Quilt squares for Terri Schiavo remembrance quilt

This is a T block, a quilt block most often associated with the Women's Christian Temperance Union, an anti-alcohol organization founded in 1874. I think the T block is also very suited for making quilts in honor of Terri Schiavo and other victims of euthanasia. One can embroider the names of the victims and their dates of death across the top of the 'T'. (I have one with Terri Schiavo's name on it but didn't photograph it).

Before I discovered the T block I started an anti-euthanasia quilt with another style of block. That quilt will have 30 squares and I've already discovered the names of more than 30 euthanasia victims to embroider on it. The 'T' square, by the way, needs 2 squares that are 5 inches square and cut diagonally, one of a plain color and one of a print. You will also need 5 squares of 3 inches in the print and 5 in the plain, also cut diagonally. Sew squares made of one plain piece and one print piece with a 1/4 inch seam. You will be able to make 2 identical T blocks, or 2 with reversed colors--- see the two at the top of the pic. Posted by Hello