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Monday, June 13, 2005

Poultry miracles

The other day I thought the eggs left in my hatcher were all duds. There was one that had pipped the shell, but couldn't get out. I gave it a good long time, then cracked the shell all the way round to help it. (Helping a chick out is usually fatal.)

The stuck chick still didn't get out and I thought it was dead, so I turned the incubator off and left to spend the day with my mother.

When I came home, I heard chirping in the incubator. It was a hatched bantam chick. It was chilled and limp so I quickly turned the incubator back on. That didn't heat quick enough so I took the chick out to the brooder and placed it under the heat lamp.

That chick died by morning. But another egg in the incubator that had been turned off hatched overnight--- I'd forgotten to shut it off again. The chick seemed fine. I kept it in the incubator to dry off. It was chirping a lot so I decided to discard the egg with the dead, stuck chick in it. As I took it out, I saw movement in the egg membrane.

I carefully peeled the chick out of the shell. It was alive after being stuck so long and being chilled for half a day. I gave it a drink of water and left it with the other chick, and later moved both out to the brooder.

The stuck chick is still alive this morning. Not sure it's going to survive in the long term, but after what it's survived so far, it may well make it.

And this morning, another egg is hatching.