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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Leslie Burke: food as life support

The above link is to a biased essay on the case of Leslie Burke, the man who is suing so he won't be starved and dehydrated when his disease progresses.

The essay assumes that giving food and water through a stomach tube is 'life support' which can be withdrawn without being murder. It also speaks of the high cost of health care.

In fact tube feeding's been around for over a hundred years and is routine. The food used is just ordinary Ensure that you can buy in any grocery store. It's a lot less expensive way to get food than eating at McDonalds.

The other care costs for a tube feeding patient are no different for the cost of keeping any disabled person alive, or a senior citizen in assisted living.

The doctors who approve starvation/dehydration for tube feeding patients sometimes also claim that meals brought on trays in a medical setting are 'life support', and that starving/dehydration should be the 'non-treatment of choice' for the elderly.