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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Koran 'desecration' issue

One hears a lot in the news about whether or not copies of the Koran have been 'desecrated' by being flushed in a toilet (hard on the plumbing), being thrown, kicked or torn, or having bad words written in them.

But when all these hard-bitten anti-religion-fanatic mainstream news media guys say the Koran has (or has not) been 'desecrated', they are affirming a presupposition that the Koran is, in fact, objectively sacred.

Now, people who believe the Koran is sacred logically must believe it comes from God, and that therefore Mohammed was truly a prophet as he said he was. The word for people who believe this way is 'Muslims'.

The news reporters who used the word 'desecrated' may believe that Muslims should be treated with far greater respect than Christians, Odinists or Wiccans, but they are still unbelievers and secularists at heart. They no more believe the Koran was dictated by God than they believe that Elvis is alive and well and flipping burgers somewhere.

Many people who have looked at the Koran objectively have found errors, such as the one where the Bible story of Abraham almost sacrificing his son is retold with the wrong son mentioned. They conclude in light of this that since the Koran claims to be entirely transcriptions of messages brought to Mohammed by an angel who brought the messages from an all-powerful, perfect One True God, that the Koran isn't what it claims to be and is in that sense false.

It is important to be honest and honorable in one's speech. Therefore, unless you have become a Muslim, don't use the word 'desecrated' in referring to an abused Koran.