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Monday, June 20, 2005

Killing Terri Schiavo again

The news media has decided to use the Terri Schiavo autopsy report to kill Terri Schiavo yet again by re-writing history to hide her story.

The current version of history is that we all agree that people guilty of being in a 'persistant vegetative state' should be 'allowed to die', and that dehydration/starvation is an acceptable method of execution. This version also claims that the autopsy can prove that Terri was indeed guilty of PVS and that her death was justified.

Another rewrite of history is that Terri had expressed the wish to be killed in this manner if she became disabled. The fact that Terri as a Catholic would have wanted to obey the Pope's ruling is never mentioned.

Of course, in those cases where people have a wish to live, the media does not cover the fact that THOSE wishes are far from sacred.

Finally, the case is re-written as a Catholic matter. The disability rights activists involved in the protest have vanished from the new history. People like Ralph Nader and Jesse Jackson are no longer part of the story. And the weird, new age religion of the death lawyer, Felos, who claims to be able to channel from coma patients (and they all say they want to die), is never an issue.

What it really comes down to is impatience and money. The people who run the media and many other folks are just far too busy to deal with a seriously disabled family member or one suffering a long-term illness. They don't want to be thought unfeeling, so they just invent a new kind of 'caring' which involves killing the inconvenient disabled/sick person out of 'mercy'. And of course killing saves money and hastens inheritance.

Funny, though, when Hitler did the exact same thing to disabled people everyone thought it bad, not in the least because the same guys that did the killing of the disabled were moved to the death camps to kill Jews and Gypsies.

I guess though that if you were a Jew or a Gypsy in Nazi Germany you would be in unbearable pain and have lost all quality of life, and that if you had any sense you would want to be 'allowed to die'.

This is how it will read in NewSpeak: The Holocaust never happened. Hitler just helped six million Jews with their end-of-life issues. He gave them 'compassion in dying'.

What's wrong with showing a little 'compassion in living?'