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Friday, June 17, 2005

Info for California Opponents of Assisted Suicide - Update 6/16/05

This is from an email newsletter on the California assisted suicide issue. California folk should get active on this now

info-at-ca-aas.com wrote:

Opponents of Assisted Suicide - Update

As many of you know Assemblymembers Berg and Levine have amended the suicide bill text into AB 651. Even though the bill has a new number it still legalizes doctor assisted suicide in California. Berg and Levine used this tactic after the former suicide legislation, AB 654, failed to have enough support to even come to a vote of the Assembly.

AB 651 (Levine/Berg) currently sits in the Senate Rules Committee. The important task at hand is to contact your State Senator and tell them to oppose AB 651, the Assisted Suicide bill. You can find contact information on your State Senator at www.sen.ca.gov.

The authors are becoming increasingly frustrated at the level of opposition to Doctor Assisted Suicide and will use any tactic at their disposal to keep this doomed issue alive.

Again, thank you for your continued activism against Doctor Assisted Suicide. Please write, call or fax your State Senator today.

Thank you.