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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fwd: Lone protester still takes a stand for Terri Schiavo

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>Admirable. This woman deserves more recognition for her efforts.

>Weeks after Terri Schiavo's death, one protester continues to show
>signs of
>By LEONORA LaPETER, Times Staff Writer
>Published May 17, 2005
>[Times photo: Kathleen Flynn]
>Lisa Wilson, 48, hasn't let the death of Terri Schiavo stop her
>She arrives at 66th Street N at dawn to send her message.
>PINELLAS PARK - The sky was still dark Monday as Lisa Wilson walked
>up 66th Street N toward her destination.
>She carried a sign with the words "Terri Schindler was murdered" and a
>single-minded purpose that even she struggles to explain.
>"I've never gotten up this early for a job in my life, but you do
>things when you love your job," said the 48-year-old woman as she
>took up her
>post at the intersection of 66th Street N and 102nd Avenue N at 6 a.m.
>Wilson is the last of the hundreds of protesters who trampled the grass
>outside Terri Schiavo's hospice in the days before her death March 31.
>If you talk to Wilson, you find out the Topeka, Kan., woman is not so
>much a
>religious zealot like some of the other protesters but maybe a woman
>who has
>either lost or found her way, depending on your perspective.
>She hadn't been to a church in 25 years until recently. She says she
>has had
>an abortion. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration from
>Washburn University in Topeka and a master's in food and nutrition
>from Kansas
>State University. And she maintains that she has never been to a
>protest in
>her life - until she showed up 56 days ago.
>"I believe strongly in what i'm doing," Wilson said. "I'm trying to
>other people from getting euthanized. This is a wake-up call for me."
>Five days a week she arrives at the intersection near Hospice House
>at the crack of dawn and holds up her sign hoping to reach the
>"movers and
>shakers" whom she thinks travel the roads at this time of day.
>Never mind that they can barely see her sign at this hour.
>At 8 a.m., she gets breakfast at McDonald's. Then she moves over to the
>grass in the right of way at the edge of the hospice's property until
>3 p.m.
>On Saturdays, she walks the intersection's four corners with a small
>American flag, pushing the button to change the light with
>military-like precision.
>On Sundays, she sits in front of the hospice.
>Most people ignore her. A few honk. Some yell at her, like a man in a
>Corvette, who yelled, "Woman, mind your own business."
>"Personally, I think she's wasting her time," said crossing guard Ed
>65, as he helped students cross 66th Street at 7 a.m. Monday. "It's all
>over, the show is done."
>Hospice officials say Wilson has been respectful of employees and the
>families who visit loved ones. But she received a $56 ticket a few
>weeks ago for
>violating Pinellas Park's sign ordinance.
>Signs are not supposed to be placed in the right of way. Wilson says she
>leans two of the three rods holding up her sign on her Nike sneakers
>as she sits
>in her white plastic chair. But on April 14 police accused her of
>the sign in the ground and ticketed her.
>She is the only Schiavo protester cited for violating the sign
>despite the huge number of signs in the right of way before Schiavo's
> death.
>"We felt ... that we had more important issues to deal with at that
>particular time," said Pinellas Park police Capt. Sanfield Forseth.
>"And now that a
>lot of our problems that we were dealing with up there at the time
>have now
>since resolved, we're trying to get back to a state of normalcy."
>Wilson pleaded not guilty to the ticket last week and is scheduled to
>go to
>trial July 1.
>"As far as we're concerned, this is a very minor violation and I'll
>with the officers and see what their side of the story is," said
>Hammonds, assistant city attorney of Pinellas Park. "We'll continue
>to work
>with Ms. Wilson to come to some sort of resolution with this, but it's
>definitely her right to go to trial if she wishes."
>* * *
>She came down on an impulse. She was at home in Topeka listening to a
>nurse of Schiavo's say on television that she'd heard the brain-damaged
>woman use words such as "mommy" and "help me."
>Next thing, Wilson was in her late husband's red GMC driving to
>Florida to
>join the protesters.
>Her third husband was a child molester who, when she met him, had
>spent five
>years in prison for molesting a 9-year-old girl. He killed himself with
>sleeping pills last July rather than be sent back to prison for
>trying to lure a
>4-year-old out of her yard.
>As Wilson saw it, she'd lost her husband. She'd been fired from her
>job as
>an office manager at an architectural engineering firm. Her son was
>What did she have to lose coming to Florida?
>Wilson said she'd learned as a dietitian that removing a feeding tube is
>So her first stop was in Tallahassee to urge Gov. Jeb Bush to step
>in. Her
>first sign read: "Jeb Bush, are you a man or a mouse?"
>Later, her sign read, "Mommy," "Help me," "Pain."
>Then, "Terri likes Jello."
>And, "American Justice in Crisis."
>Day after day she stood there with her ever-changing array of signs. She
>made friends. She put up five or six protesters in her hotel room for
> two weeks.
>She bought one protester a black suede cowboy hat. She bought others
>She said she helped a woman pay a $300 fine and $150 in towing costs
>she was arrested in a police dispute. In exchange, she got the sign
>she now
>She says she's living off $100,000 she got in insurance money after her
>husband's death. (Some insurance policies will pay out on suicides
>after a
>two-year waiting period.)
>Wilson's son, John Wilds, drove down to Florida with her but headed
>for a
>vacation with friends in Tampa. He returned to Kansas after two weeks.
>"It's interesting because she's never been an activist before," said
>26. "It hit her like a ton of bricks. I think she just had problems
>with her
>past couple of husbands and she took it real serious."
>The day after Schiavo's March 31 death, Wilson made a new sign: "Terri
>Schindler Protest, Phase II." She told everyone she was staying forever.
>"This is life and death for me," she told a reporter.
>* * *
>Wilson keeps in contact with many of the other protesters by e-mail.
>Judy Goldsberry, a former protester who lives in Clearwater, has given
>Wilson a temporary home while she conducts her protest. "It's not
>something I'm
>going to do," Goldsberry said. "But more and more, I've come to think
>she's doing is very valuable."
>At first, Wilson said she would leave when the state or federal
>passed a law banning the removal of a feeding tube.
>Today, she admits the laws likely won't change soon and so she stays to
>promote awareness.
>"This is a one-person job," she said.
>--Times staff researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this report.[Last
>modified May 17, 2005, 01:36:07]
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