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Sunday, June 19, 2005

A flood of ducklings

While all three of my broody geese have failed to hatch even one gosling, my Buff Orpington ducks have made up for it.

First one duck hatched out eight ducklings in a tractor tire in the barnyard. Then four ducks who nested under the lilacs turned up with what looks like 30 ducklings between them.

My gander (male goose) who is in love with a duck has decided he's the daddy and so is defending mothers and babies against the hungry cats. The Fifth Element, pictured in the previous post, has a real habit of eating baby chicks and she will take a duckling when there are no chicks around.

A lot of modern breeds of ducks are too nervous to hatch out their own babies, so I'm glad my ducks can hatch ducklings. I hope some survive. Last year one duck hatched four, and the cats got three and the last one was run over by a tractor.