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Monday, June 06, 2005

Dutch man faces trial for assisted suicide

In Holland, where they have loads of euthanasia including 'involuntary assisted suicide' , where things have got to a point where disabled people need to carry a 'don't kill me' card in their wallets, where a sick nun was killed by a doctor who justified it by saying her religion wouldn't allow her to ask for euthanasia so he had to step in to 'help', they have finally found a case they can't stomach.

Is it because the 'patient' was mentally, rather than physically, ill? No, they've done that before and it was OK.

They're upset because the killer wasn't a doctor.

I'd be more upset if the killer was. If a nation has to revive the Nazi T-4 program to kill off the 'lives unworthy of life', I'd just as soon it not be doctors doing the killing. We need to be able to rely on our doctors to help us, and if we know they may be thinking of killing us instead, how can we rely on their medical advice?