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Friday, June 10, 2005

Concerns of Christian prayer, preaching in public school

The ACLU is up in arms against prayer in Louisiana public schools and is determined to stop it at all costs.

The real problem in my opinion is not that there is too much prayer, but too little.

All the reports mention Christian prayer and activity.

Where are the Odinists? Why are they not saying Odinist prayer at football games? Why aren't they praying to Frigga at lunchtime?

Is that because there are only a few Odinists in the schools? Well, then they should have a good Odinist preacher coming in there witnessing to his faith and making converts.

In the USA taxpayer supported schools should be fair to all faiths. If some Christians don't want their children exposed to Odinist, Jewish, Hindu and Santeria prayer, they have a better chance of setting up a Christian school than we do of setting up an Odinist one.

So let's let ALL the Gods in to our schools.