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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Child suicide in Norway

In Europe where assisted suicide and euthanasia are more accepted, it's no wonder that there is a worrysome child suicide rate.

The message is being sent that if your life is bad and there is no hope of betterment, your life should be ended out of 'mercy'.

No wonder that teens often interpret that as an OK for their suicide.

Lack of religious commitment is also a contributing factor. If you don't believe in the soul or the existance of the Gods, you don't feel that there can be any bad consequences to suicide--- that it is 'the end'.

Actually it's the beginning of bad things for you, virtually all religions agree on this. After all, suicide is a form of murder and causes harm to family members and friends of the suicide, including copycat suicides.

I actually had a comment posted from some one who evidently favors child suicide, but deleted it due to content. It made me wonder though if the comment was actually a cry for help.