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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Alabama attempts to ban gay books

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Banning any book by an allegedly gay author or with allegedly gay characters would actually be a license to ban most anything.

Incidentally, in the Rapturist Christian novel series 'Left Behind', there are gay characters (villains) in the latest book.

The author of this bill is playing into the hands of the radical 'gay rights' leadership, who will use this to try to convince conservative gay people that they have to go along with the agenda of forcing gay marriage through the courts against the will of the majority. They will say 'look what those people are going to do to you if you don't trust us to represent you'.

In actual fact, gay people were better treated than ever by the conservative movement until the push to force through gay marriage scared people. Now, gay people have to worry about losing their children or not being able to be at their partner's side in a hospital (or having estranged relatives rather than the partner make 'death with dignity' decisions.)

Gay conservatives just need to remember how the Republicans--- most of whom believe that 'homosexuality' is a matter of immoral behavior--- stood up in outrage when the Democrats attacked Mr. Cheney's gay daughter. There is a lot more compassion and room for diverse opinions on our side than among the political correctness mafia.