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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Terri Schiavo Memorial Quilt Project

Link above leads to my web pages on the quilt project.

It's far from complete but it explains the project and also has a 'names' page which lists 43 victims of the euthanasia movement by name: from Terri Schiavo to King George V to baby Allan Bollinger, killed in 1915 because he was born with physical disabilities and his doctor thought it a crime to keep alive 'one of Nature's cruelest blunders'.

Euthanasia mentality has gone so far that some disabled and elderly people are having a hard time getting the medical care (or food and water) they want because their doctors think they are better off dead--- like stroke victim Margery Nighbert, who begged for food and water while being starved/dehydrated to death, only to have a judge rule her incompetent to make such a request.

Euthanasia out of control in Netherlands

Pro-death, anti-disabled propaganda on Terri Schiavo's tombstone


Link leads to photo of Terri Schiavo's tombstone. Her unfaithful
husband chose to put the date of her becoming disabled as the date of
her death.

In my mind this vicious hatred of the disabled--- saying they are not
really alive--- is on a par with bigots who say black people are not
humans but 'apes'. Sick, sick, sick!

This just redoubles my determination to promote the idea of
memorializing Terri Schiavo and other euthanasia victims in a quilt and
a website showing the making of the quilt. This killing of the disabled
has been going on in silence long enough--- it's time to get rowdy about it!

Terri Schiavo news on Hannity & Colmes tonight

Mark Fuhrman has written a new book on the Terri Schiavo case in which he analysed the events leading up to Terri Schiavo's collapse. Fuhrman refuses to take a position on the euthanasia issue but he does do a good job in showing that Michael Schiavo was the last person on the planet who should have been allowed guardianship of Terri. He also reproduces the sworn testimony of two nurses who show that Terri was not in a so-called 'vegetative state' but was responsive.

This book is available in stores right now. Buy a copy for yourself and one for a friend, a family member, or your local library.

Fuhrman is going to be on the Hannity and Colmes show tonight on Fox news, at 8 pm Central time in the US. People who want to be informed on the issue shouldn't miss it.

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Cemetery Walk

The Cemetary Walk at Riverside Cemetery in Menominee went really well. We had a lot of volunteers in historic costume playing the part of different prominent historic dead people.

I lucked out, I was assigned to Potter's Field. That's where the poor folk were buried including my great-grandfather. It's also the final resting place of the McDonald Boys, two Canadian lumberjacks who got in a fight at the local cathouse in 1881 and stabbed Willie Kittson, the half-indian son of a pioneering settler, to death.

Local folk felt the McDonald boys should pay with their lives, but Michigan had already abolished the death penalty some decades earlier. So the local crowd got likkered up in Forvilly's tavern and plotted a lynching. They broke the McDonald boys out of jail and strung them up. They were buried in Potter's Field, their grave marked only with a logger's chain. Then someone stole the chain.

The Cemetery walk was not actually supposed to be a walk, there was a horse drawn wagon to take tours around. But there was a big turnout and so crowds of people decided not to wait, but walked along the tour route. And so I had to give a presentation in the Potter's Field, even though the lady who organized the event said we wouldn't have to talk, but just wave to the crowds in the wagon.

Anyway, everybody really liked my presentation once I decided to tell the story of the McDonald Boys. Most of the people in town already know the story a little, it's local folklore. One fellow said the site of the lynching was in front of his house. (I was always told it was in front of my grandmother's house.)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Off to the cemetery

Well, I must cut short my posting/blogging activities for this morning.
I'm off to Riverside Cemetery in Menominee for the cemetery walk, where
I have to wear a long dress and white makeup and pretend to be a ghost
walking around the graves.

What fun!

Euthanasia mentality in adventure fiction

In reading adventure fiction, we often find a scene like this: a
Sacrificial Character falls into the snake pit or the piranha pond, and
is being consumed alive in some horrid way and cannot be rescued. Our
Hero pulls out his gun (or phaser) and puts the Sacrificial Character
out of his misery. And this is considered a noble deed.

Of course, this 'noble deed' is also convenient. Our Hero is spared a
few minutes more of screams--- or the decision to attempt a dangerous
rescue and perhaps succeed, and have a gravely injured, likely disabled
companion to care for through the rest of the book.

I'd like to see a scene more like this: the Sacrificial Character is
not just a cardboard cutout like the redshirts from Star Trek, just
there to be killed off. We care about the Sacrificial Character.
Moreover, the Sacrificial Character has a vital bit of information which
he hasn't given Our Hero yet.

When the Sacrificial Character falls into the piranha pool, we fall with
him. We see him about to reveal the vital information to Our Hero, with
his very last breath and in spite of all pain.

But then, Our Hero's Amoral Companion steps in, killing to Sacrificial
Character 'to spare him pain', and preventing the Sacrificial Character
from revealing the vital information.

Perhaps the Amoral Companion is already betraying Our Hero and the vital
information includes this fact. Or perhaps the vital information has
nothing to do with the Amoral Companion, but the killing is the first
big clue we have that the Amoral Companion will in the end betray Our Hero.

I'd like to see this in fiction, rather than the idea that some
characters in our stories are disposable and may be killed off
carelessly in the interests of providing a bit of pro-euthanasia,
anti-disability propaganda.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Show our wounded soldiers how much you care!

"Join Chris Carney, Heath Calhoun and Ryan Kelly for their epic 4200 mile, cross country journey on Soldier Ride 2005. The ride begins at the Marina Del Ray "Mother's Beach" in Los Angeles, CA on May 21, 2005 and ends in Montauk, New York on July 19, 2005. These courageous men will lead the Soldier Ride National Tour Team across the heartland of America. Along the way they will be joined by fellow wounded warriors who will help them relay Soldier Ride's message of hope, courage and determination across America."

I'm sure all true Odinists and patriotic Americans will wish to help with this noble cause. Click on link to visit the Soldier Ride web site and to donate, and email all your friends about this.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays And Lesbians

And now, for something completely different: a Gay anti-abortion group.

Personally, I'm 'pro-choice' but I am coming to feel that the current state of the law makes it so that women feel they have no choice other than abortion, or they make the choice lightly without knowing how it will destroy their lives.

It's important to get the word out that 'pro-life' isn't just a Catholic thing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Boston Red Sox : The Official Site

Boston Red Sox : The Official Site

In case you're ready for something on the lighter side (did you see the Red Sox game last night, very exciting, Red Sox won 10-9 in the end.)

On this site you can vote for your favorite ball players to be in the All-Star game. You can vote up to 25 times, voting ends June 30. Vote early, vote often.

The Boston Red Sox just last year overcame the Curse of the Bambino which they acquired from trading away Babe Ruth. The Chicago Cubs have yet to overcome the Cursee of the Goat. If you, like me, are a fan of cursed baseball teams, you'll also want to visit Chicago Cubs : The Official Site

What the disability rights community wants

Click on link below to view article from disability rights org. Not Dead Yet.

Eight things that need to happen to prevent non-voluntary euthanasia

One of the most urgent things is a Congressional investigation into non-voluntary euthanasia of the disabled which is going on right now. It doesn't just involve brain-damaged people. Also Downs Syndrome babies are being starved/dehydrated to death.

Shades of Nazi Germany.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Killing Terri Schiavo again

The news media has decided to use the Terri Schiavo autopsy report to kill Terri Schiavo yet again by re-writing history to hide her story.

The current version of history is that we all agree that people guilty of being in a 'persistant vegetative state' should be 'allowed to die', and that dehydration/starvation is an acceptable method of execution. This version also claims that the autopsy can prove that Terri was indeed guilty of PVS and that her death was justified.

Another rewrite of history is that Terri had expressed the wish to be killed in this manner if she became disabled. The fact that Terri as a Catholic would have wanted to obey the Pope's ruling is never mentioned.

Of course, in those cases where people have a wish to live, the media does not cover the fact that THOSE wishes are far from sacred.

Finally, the case is re-written as a Catholic matter. The disability rights activists involved in the protest have vanished from the new history. People like Ralph Nader and Jesse Jackson are no longer part of the story. And the weird, new age religion of the death lawyer, Felos, who claims to be able to channel from coma patients (and they all say they want to die), is never an issue.

What it really comes down to is impatience and money. The people who run the media and many other folks are just far too busy to deal with a seriously disabled family member or one suffering a long-term illness. They don't want to be thought unfeeling, so they just invent a new kind of 'caring' which involves killing the inconvenient disabled/sick person out of 'mercy'. And of course killing saves money and hastens inheritance.

Funny, though, when Hitler did the exact same thing to disabled people everyone thought it bad, not in the least because the same guys that did the killing of the disabled were moved to the death camps to kill Jews and Gypsies.

I guess though that if you were a Jew or a Gypsy in Nazi Germany you would be in unbearable pain and have lost all quality of life, and that if you had any sense you would want to be 'allowed to die'.

This is how it will read in NewSpeak: The Holocaust never happened. Hitler just helped six million Jews with their end-of-life issues. He gave them 'compassion in dying'.

What's wrong with showing a little 'compassion in living?'

Quilt squares for Terri Schiavo remembrance quilt

This is a T block, a quilt block most often associated with the Women's Christian Temperance Union, an anti-alcohol organization founded in 1874. I think the T block is also very suited for making quilts in honor of Terri Schiavo and other victims of euthanasia. One can embroider the names of the victims and their dates of death across the top of the 'T'. (I have one with Terri Schiavo's name on it but didn't photograph it).

Before I discovered the T block I started an anti-euthanasia quilt with another style of block. That quilt will have 30 squares and I've already discovered the names of more than 30 euthanasia victims to embroider on it. The 'T' square, by the way, needs 2 squares that are 5 inches square and cut diagonally, one of a plain color and one of a print. You will also need 5 squares of 3 inches in the print and 5 in the plain, also cut diagonally. Sew squares made of one plain piece and one print piece with a 1/4 inch seam. You will be able to make 2 identical T blocks, or 2 with reversed colors--- see the two at the top of the pic. Posted by Hello

The day I castrated the goat

My mom's friend raises fainting goats. Her nanny goat had twins this spring and one of them happened to be a boy, so he had to be castrated. My mom's friend usually calls the vet in for this, but mom told her I always castrate my own with a band elastrator, and volunteered my services.

A band elastrator, in case you are not country folk, is a device which places a small, strong, thick rubber band around a young male goat, lamb or calf's testicles. The parts in question, being cut off from blood flow, wither and drop off.

I've been neutering my goats and sheep this way for years. Some are uncomfortable the first hour or two. Others don't seem bothered by the business at all.

I went out to the farm to do the fainting goat. Do you know what a fainting goat is? It is a rare breed of American goat, also known as the Myotonic goat or the Nervous goat. They have a hereditary condition which makes their muscles stiffen up when they get startled, and then they fall over.

I'd never castrated a fainting goat before. I assumed it would be the same as any other goat. Silly me!

My mom's friend's husband caught the little fellow and held him down for me, so I got the band on him in record time. Then, the goat fainted. That kind of scared me. He got up shortly after. Then he fainted again. And again. I guess the presence of the elastrator band 'down there' just kept startling him.

The goat was OK, really. It was me that was about to have a nervous breakdown.

My own recently acquired fainting goat buck is the older brother of this buck kid. My goat, thank the Gods, does not faint even when I chase him, or when the geese bite him. And since I bought him as a breeder I won't have to castrate him so he won't have that excuse to faint.

The fainting goat, after he fainted. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Comment function of this blog has been removed

Due to the problem of which I write in the Nightmare Realm blog, the
comment function on all of my blogs has been taken down.

This is done for the protection of those who do not wish to be exposed
to foul language and other bad things from anonymous commentors and some
not so anonymous.

I wish Blogger would develop the option of having moderated comments so
the blog owner could check them out before having them posted.

Friendly folks who wish to contact me are urged to either use my
guestbook or my postal address.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Brain scan may detect early Alzheimer's

Brain scans may be able to detect Alzheimer's disease very early (click on link above to view story)--- but should this be done?

The pro-death movement has already targeted Alzheimer's patients. One of Jack Kevorkian's early murder victims was a woman in the early stages of Alzheimer's. Euthanasia by dehydration/starvation is considered by many to be the 'non-treatment of choice' for Alzheimer's patients.

Early detection of Alzheimer's can lead to better treatment, prolonging life and improving its quality. But it might be considered cheaper to pressure the Alzheimer's patient into asking for assisted suicide. After all, we live in an age where a disabled people like Terri Schiavo and Nancy Cruzan can be dehydrated/starved to death simply because others don't value the lives of the severely disabled.

A flood of ducklings

While all three of my broody geese have failed to hatch even one gosling, my Buff Orpington ducks have made up for it.

First one duck hatched out eight ducklings in a tractor tire in the barnyard. Then four ducks who nested under the lilacs turned up with what looks like 30 ducklings between them.

My gander (male goose) who is in love with a duck has decided he's the daddy and so is defending mothers and babies against the hungry cats. The Fifth Element, pictured in the previous post, has a real habit of eating baby chicks and she will take a duckling when there are no chicks around.

A lot of modern breeds of ducks are too nervous to hatch out their own babies, so I'm glad my ducks can hatch ducklings. I hope some survive. Last year one duck hatched four, and the cats got three and the last one was run over by a tractor.

The Fifth Element (the cat, not the movie)

The Fifth Element, my prettiest cat. She was one of five kittens, the other four were all orange. One of her last-year kittens is Cold Case, a beautiful male cat who looks like a siamese. This year The Fifth Element has two kittens that look just like her. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Info for California Opponents of Assisted Suicide - Update 6/16/05

This is from an email newsletter on the California assisted suicide issue. California folk should get active on this now

info-at-ca-aas.com wrote:

Opponents of Assisted Suicide - Update

As many of you know Assemblymembers Berg and Levine have amended the suicide bill text into AB 651. Even though the bill has a new number it still legalizes doctor assisted suicide in California. Berg and Levine used this tactic after the former suicide legislation, AB 654, failed to have enough support to even come to a vote of the Assembly.

AB 651 (Levine/Berg) currently sits in the Senate Rules Committee. The important task at hand is to contact your State Senator and tell them to oppose AB 651, the Assisted Suicide bill. You can find contact information on your State Senator at www.sen.ca.gov.

The authors are becoming increasingly frustrated at the level of opposition to Doctor Assisted Suicide and will use any tactic at their disposal to keep this doomed issue alive.

Again, thank you for your continued activism against Doctor Assisted Suicide. Please write, call or fax your State Senator today.

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

'Birth Control' battle over forced participation in abortions

In Wisconsin the legislature is debating whether to allow pharmacists the freedom of conscience not to fill prescriptions for birth control pills if it is against their moral convictions.

The story above ignores the real issue. Pharmacists who are opposed to abortion don't want to fill prescriptions for pills that cause abortions: the abortion pill RU-482, the morning after pill, and birth control pills.

You don't have to be anti-abortion to believe that people should not have to participate in an abortion if they believe abortion is morally wrong. We don't force doctors to perform abortions. Why should we force pharmacists?

Leslie Burke: food as life support

The above link is to a biased essay on the case of Leslie Burke, the man who is suing so he won't be starved and dehydrated when his disease progresses.

The essay assumes that giving food and water through a stomach tube is 'life support' which can be withdrawn without being murder. It also speaks of the high cost of health care.

In fact tube feeding's been around for over a hundred years and is routine. The food used is just ordinary Ensure that you can buy in any grocery store. It's a lot less expensive way to get food than eating at McDonalds.

The other care costs for a tube feeding patient are no different for the cost of keeping any disabled person alive, or a senior citizen in assisted living.

The doctors who approve starvation/dehydration for tube feeding patients sometimes also claim that meals brought on trays in a medical setting are 'life support', and that starving/dehydration should be the 'non-treatment of choice' for the elderly.

Supreme Court religious freedom case

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Child suicide in Norway

In Europe where assisted suicide and euthanasia are more accepted, it's no wonder that there is a worrysome child suicide rate.

The message is being sent that if your life is bad and there is no hope of betterment, your life should be ended out of 'mercy'.

No wonder that teens often interpret that as an OK for their suicide.

Lack of religious commitment is also a contributing factor. If you don't believe in the soul or the existance of the Gods, you don't feel that there can be any bad consequences to suicide--- that it is 'the end'.

Actually it's the beginning of bad things for you, virtually all religions agree on this. After all, suicide is a form of murder and causes harm to family members and friends of the suicide, including copycat suicides.

I actually had a comment posted from some one who evidently favors child suicide, but deleted it due to content. It made me wonder though if the comment was actually a cry for help.

Child porn raids in 13 countries

It's about time.

Child pornography is a visual record of the sexual abuse of children. This is a social evil which must not be tolerated at all, much less be given safe haven on the internet.

Regular pornography generally involves girls just over the legal age, who often are rape or abuse victims who cannot say 'no' to the increasingly perverse demands of the pornographer. If child porn outrages you, you should be nearly as outraged by regular porn.

If only they would start raids against that social evil on the internet. Women and children should be protected, not abused as a form of entertainment.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Poultry miracles

The other day I thought the eggs left in my hatcher were all duds. There was one that had pipped the shell, but couldn't get out. I gave it a good long time, then cracked the shell all the way round to help it. (Helping a chick out is usually fatal.)

The stuck chick still didn't get out and I thought it was dead, so I turned the incubator off and left to spend the day with my mother.

When I came home, I heard chirping in the incubator. It was a hatched bantam chick. It was chilled and limp so I quickly turned the incubator back on. That didn't heat quick enough so I took the chick out to the brooder and placed it under the heat lamp.

That chick died by morning. But another egg in the incubator that had been turned off hatched overnight--- I'd forgotten to shut it off again. The chick seemed fine. I kept it in the incubator to dry off. It was chirping a lot so I decided to discard the egg with the dead, stuck chick in it. As I took it out, I saw movement in the egg membrane.

I carefully peeled the chick out of the shell. It was alive after being stuck so long and being chilled for half a day. I gave it a drink of water and left it with the other chick, and later moved both out to the brooder.

The stuck chick is still alive this morning. Not sure it's going to survive in the long term, but after what it's survived so far, it may well make it.

And this morning, another egg is hatching.

Abortion and Euthanasia

I'm uncomfortable in making too close a link between abortion and
euthanasia, and here is my reason:

In an abortion, there are two people involved, the pregnant woman and
the unborn baby. Two lives that are interconnected. There is a wide
range of opinion as to when it is morally right to sacrifice the child
for the mother's needs. (I doubt there are any pro-life people who
would forbid abortion in a case where the mother would definitely die
without an abortion and the baby has no hope of living anyway)

In euthanasia the question is far simpler. There is one life involved.
Do we take that life because that is easier for us, or do we not?

I feel that too much linking of the abortion and euthanasia issues did
harm in the Terri Schiavo case. There were also folks out there linking
the Schiavo case to the Ten Commandments monument case in Alabama.

This kind of turns off people who might otherwise be on our side.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Gitmo detainees flush own Korans

doesn't anyone have any respect for the plumbing???

Another WYRD thoughts

Some fellow started his own 'WYRD_Thoughts' just to slander me. I must be doing something right.

For the record, anyone who likes may call anything they like 'wyrd thoughts'. Name your blogs, Yahoo groups, dogs, cats or children that.

Well, maybe not the children or they'll grow up and write tell-all books.

More about Munch the fainting goat buck

See picture of him below.

We contacted the breeder and she says he was born last Christmas day and is one of triplets, and was bottle-fed in the house until 2 mos. ago when he was sold. He was named Christmas (or Merry).

He'll probably be pretty tame when he gets used to me.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Alabama attempts to ban gay books

Click above to view story.

Banning any book by an allegedly gay author or with allegedly gay characters would actually be a license to ban most anything.

Incidentally, in the Rapturist Christian novel series 'Left Behind', there are gay characters (villains) in the latest book.

The author of this bill is playing into the hands of the radical 'gay rights' leadership, who will use this to try to convince conservative gay people that they have to go along with the agenda of forcing gay marriage through the courts against the will of the majority. They will say 'look what those people are going to do to you if you don't trust us to represent you'.

In actual fact, gay people were better treated than ever by the conservative movement until the push to force through gay marriage scared people. Now, gay people have to worry about losing their children or not being able to be at their partner's side in a hospital (or having estranged relatives rather than the partner make 'death with dignity' decisions.)

Gay conservatives just need to remember how the Republicans--- most of whom believe that 'homosexuality' is a matter of immoral behavior--- stood up in outrage when the Democrats attacked Mr. Cheney's gay daughter. There is a lot more compassion and room for diverse opinions on our side than among the political correctness mafia.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Concerns of Christian prayer, preaching in public school

The ACLU is up in arms against prayer in Louisiana public schools and is determined to stop it at all costs.

The real problem in my opinion is not that there is too much prayer, but too little.

All the reports mention Christian prayer and activity.

Where are the Odinists? Why are they not saying Odinist prayer at football games? Why aren't they praying to Frigga at lunchtime?

Is that because there are only a few Odinists in the schools? Well, then they should have a good Odinist preacher coming in there witnessing to his faith and making converts.

In the USA taxpayer supported schools should be fair to all faiths. If some Christians don't want their children exposed to Odinist, Jewish, Hindu and Santeria prayer, they have a better chance of setting up a Christian school than we do of setting up an Odinist one.

So let's let ALL the Gods in to our schools.

Woman attempts to kill autistic daughter, calls it 'mercy killing'

A woman tried to kill her 6 year old daughter, who suffers from autism and cerebral palsy. Her defense is that it was an attempted 'mercy killing'.

The acceptance of the pro-death philosophy is providing an out for criminals. 'Mercy' criminals often get away with their crimes or get shorter sentences.

Don't you long for the days when it was worse to try to harm a disabled person than an able-bodied one?

Should Britain adopt Holland's babykilling policy?

The cost-cutters are at it again in proposing that it would be cheaper to kill premature babies through medical neglect than to care for him.

The rational is that some (but not all) of very premature babies will have some disability if they live, and of course one doesn't want 'useless eaters' living 'lives unworthy of life' to be allowed to live.

It seems to me that even if you believe cripples should be killed you could wait to find out if the babies will in fact be impaired before offing them. They're going from killing the cripples to killing those who have a greater than average risk of becoming cripples.

Is that Hitler's ghost I hear cheering in the background?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

This is Munch, my new fainting goat buck. He's six months old. He seems to like his new 'house', a calf hutch. Posted by Hello

This is my cat Niki and her 5 kittens. Why she wants to keep them outdoors in the flowerbed is beyond me Posted by Hello

Birth Control Pill: Abortifacient and Contraceptive

I feel the article above contains useful information even if you are not anti-abortion. A woman should have the right to know if her 'birth control' method is actually causing early abortions rather than preventing conception.

Personally, I can accept the idea of a woman having a surgical abortion for serious reasons better than I can accept the idea of routinely taking a pill which may over years of use cause 10 or 12 early abortions. Besides the psychological damage to the woman when she learns of this issue and begins to grieve for an unknown number of her babies, it can't be good for a woman's physical health. (And there are tons of health risks known for birth control pills.)

Of course birth control pills are sacred to many because they feel that because of the pill a woman has no good excuse to say 'no' to sex outside of marriage and the sexual revolution in general.

But a woman has the right to say 'no' to premarital/promiscuious sex, and to say 'no' to abortifacient 'birth control', and the right not to be condemned as a prude or religious fanatic because of it! (We need a NEW feminist revolution!)

Woman dies in hospital after "right to kill" court battle

A woman with Lou Gehrig's disease wanted to be kept on her ventilator, her family agreed. It was the hospital wanted her dead.

Why wasn't her wish to live as sacred as Terri Schiavo's alleged wish to die?

You can see it's really all about the right to do away with those we no longer find useful.

Disability Groups File Amicus Brief in Gonzales v. Oregon

For more information: Max Lapertosa, 312-253-7000, ext. 131
Diane Coleman, 708-209-1500 ext. 11


May 9, 2005 -- Eleven prominent disability organizations and one university-based policy center filed a friend of the court brief today with the U.S. Supreme Court in the Oregon assisted suicide case. Not Dead Yet, the leading national disability rights organization opposing legalization of assisted suicide, filed the brief, which supports the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) appeal of the decision in the lower court, which upheld Oregon's assisted suicide law. The following organizations joined the brief filed May 9th in the matter of Oregon v. Gonzales:

Not Dead Yet
Center on Disability Studies, Law and Human Policy at Syracuse University
Center for Self-Determination
Hospice Patients Alliance
Mouth Magazine/Freedom Clearinghouse
National Council on Independent Living
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered
Society for Disability Studies
World Institute on Disability.

Not Dead Yet and its co-amici agree with the DOJ position that assisted suicide is not a "legitimate medical" use of federally controlled substances, and that it should not exempt Oregon physicians who provide lethal prescriptions under the Oregon assisted suicide law from disciplinary action concerning their licenses to prescribe controlled substances.

Not Dead Yet's amicus brief in the case, joined by the groups listed above, argues that the Oregon assisted suicide law cannot supply a foundation for the "legitimate medical" use for controlled substances.

Oregon's assisted suicide law encourages disabled individuals, those who are "terminal" and those who may not be, to end their lives -- and guarantees such efforts will result in death -- while other state laws concurrently discourage non-disabled persons from suicide.

"If assisted suicide were really about personal autonomy, it would be available to all suicidal people," said Diane Coleman, president and founder of Not Dead Yet. "But really, assisted suicide statutes are the ultimate societal judgment that the life of a person with a disability is not as worthwhile as that of a non-disabled person."

Assisted suicide also raises serious ethical concerns regarding the medical profession's treatment of disabled people. It requires doctors to make difficult, if not impossible, determinations of a person's competency and life expectancy, the consequences of which are both ultimate and irreversible. According to attorney Max Lapertosa, assisted suicide is a "dangerous distraction from policies that really enhance people's independence and dignity -- access to palliative care and other forms of community-based long-term care."

The full brief may be found at: http://www.notdeadyet.org/docs/gonzalesvorsupct.html

Home Page

Health-care-for-poor bill replaced by assisted-suicide bill

This is very telling, showing the real, though perhaps unconcious, motivation behind the pro-death lobby.

Adult vs Embryonic Stem Cells

This article explained a lot of things I didn't know about the stem cell debate.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How medical marijuana decision relates to assisted suicide

From Secondhand Smoke blog

Monday, June 06, 2005

Website for preserving Men. River watershed


That's the new site.

This is the old site, they still have stuff there.


Although I'm not a rabid greenie who believes in a new ice age one minute and global warming the next at the decree of the enviro-popes, I really see no need for mining in an area where outdoor tourism and farming are such main stays of the economy.

We'll end up losing far more jobs than could be created. And the jobs will stay lost long after the mine closes down. No one wants to hunt and fish in a polluted area.

Leave the minerals where they are. If there are urgent shortages of minerals in the future, we can always mine them then--- when we perhaps will have far better mining methods.

Top 11 reasons to be concerned about mining in Menominee co.

1. Zinc, copper, gold and silver mining is more hazardous to the environment than the Iron mining we know in Upper Michigan.

2. Contamination is bound to occur no matter how diligent the operators are.

3. There are no proven cost effective technologies for the acceptable long-term mitigation of potential impacts.

4. The Menominee River is a breeding bed for the sturgeon, the bald eagle is on the threatened specie list - they will not survive the heavy metal runoff from a mine.

5. There has never been a metallic mineral mine in the World that has not polluted.

6. Our Michigan mining laws are weak and favor the drilling/mining operations; not our groundwater. Metallic mineral mines are not subject to stringent hazardous waste management laws, even if it contains cyanide.

7. Once our groundwater, lakes, river, streams are lost, it will take generations to repair. We would leave the clean-up costs to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

8. A change in our climate, such as our heavy snowfall of 1960 and 1965, will pose Spring flooding. If the mine site is not designed for these extremes Mother Nature can put on this County; we will have an environmental disaster. This is a major reason for the Acid Mine Drainage problems in Canada�s mining - insufficient planning for extreme heavy snowfalls.

9. Once Acid Mine Drainage starts, it can effectively sterilize an entire water system for generations to come.

10. The overburden from metallic mineral mining will leach acid from the exposed rock for as long as it is exposed to air and water until the sulphides are leached out. A process that can last hundreds, even thousands of years.

11. There is a known Exploration Site (drilling) in British Columbia called the Windy Craggy that is presently generating Acid Mine Drainage. This is evidence that even in the drilling phase of mineral mining, precautions must be taken or our groundwaters will be polluted.

Dutch man faces trial for assisted suicide

In Holland, where they have loads of euthanasia including 'involuntary assisted suicide' , where things have got to a point where disabled people need to carry a 'don't kill me' card in their wallets, where a sick nun was killed by a doctor who justified it by saying her religion wouldn't allow her to ask for euthanasia so he had to step in to 'help', they have finally found a case they can't stomach.

Is it because the 'patient' was mentally, rather than physically, ill? No, they've done that before and it was OK.

They're upset because the killer wasn't a doctor.

I'd be more upset if the killer was. If a nation has to revive the Nazi T-4 program to kill off the 'lives unworthy of life', I'd just as soon it not be doctors doing the killing. We need to be able to rely on our doctors to help us, and if we know they may be thinking of killing us instead, how can we rely on their medical advice?

Book on Schiavo Case now available

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fwd: Lone protester still takes a stand for Terri Schiavo

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>Admirable. This woman deserves more recognition for her efforts.

>Weeks after Terri Schiavo's death, one protester continues to show
>signs of
>By LEONORA LaPETER, Times Staff Writer
>Published May 17, 2005
>[Times photo: Kathleen Flynn]
>Lisa Wilson, 48, hasn't let the death of Terri Schiavo stop her
>She arrives at 66th Street N at dawn to send her message.
>PINELLAS PARK - The sky was still dark Monday as Lisa Wilson walked
>up 66th Street N toward her destination.
>She carried a sign with the words "Terri Schindler was murdered" and a
>single-minded purpose that even she struggles to explain.
>"I've never gotten up this early for a job in my life, but you do
>things when you love your job," said the 48-year-old woman as she
>took up her
>post at the intersection of 66th Street N and 102nd Avenue N at 6 a.m.
>Wilson is the last of the hundreds of protesters who trampled the grass
>outside Terri Schiavo's hospice in the days before her death March 31.
>If you talk to Wilson, you find out the Topeka, Kan., woman is not so
>much a
>religious zealot like some of the other protesters but maybe a woman
>who has
>either lost or found her way, depending on your perspective.
>She hadn't been to a church in 25 years until recently. She says she
>has had
>an abortion. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration from
>Washburn University in Topeka and a master's in food and nutrition
>from Kansas
>State University. And she maintains that she has never been to a
>protest in
>her life - until she showed up 56 days ago.
>"I believe strongly in what i'm doing," Wilson said. "I'm trying to
>other people from getting euthanized. This is a wake-up call for me."
>Five days a week she arrives at the intersection near Hospice House
>at the crack of dawn and holds up her sign hoping to reach the
>"movers and
>shakers" whom she thinks travel the roads at this time of day.
>Never mind that they can barely see her sign at this hour.
>At 8 a.m., she gets breakfast at McDonald's. Then she moves over to the
>grass in the right of way at the edge of the hospice's property until
>3 p.m.
>On Saturdays, she walks the intersection's four corners with a small
>American flag, pushing the button to change the light with
>military-like precision.
>On Sundays, she sits in front of the hospice.
>Most people ignore her. A few honk. Some yell at her, like a man in a
>Corvette, who yelled, "Woman, mind your own business."
>"Personally, I think she's wasting her time," said crossing guard Ed
>65, as he helped students cross 66th Street at 7 a.m. Monday. "It's all
>over, the show is done."
>Hospice officials say Wilson has been respectful of employees and the
>families who visit loved ones. But she received a $56 ticket a few
>weeks ago for
>violating Pinellas Park's sign ordinance.
>Signs are not supposed to be placed in the right of way. Wilson says she
>leans two of the three rods holding up her sign on her Nike sneakers
>as she sits
>in her white plastic chair. But on April 14 police accused her of
>the sign in the ground and ticketed her.
>She is the only Schiavo protester cited for violating the sign
>despite the huge number of signs in the right of way before Schiavo's
> death.
>"We felt ... that we had more important issues to deal with at that
>particular time," said Pinellas Park police Capt. Sanfield Forseth.
>"And now that a
>lot of our problems that we were dealing with up there at the time
>have now
>since resolved, we're trying to get back to a state of normalcy."
>Wilson pleaded not guilty to the ticket last week and is scheduled to
>go to
>trial July 1.
>"As far as we're concerned, this is a very minor violation and I'll
>with the officers and see what their side of the story is," said
>Hammonds, assistant city attorney of Pinellas Park. "We'll continue
>to work
>with Ms. Wilson to come to some sort of resolution with this, but it's
>definitely her right to go to trial if she wishes."
>* * *
>She came down on an impulse. She was at home in Topeka listening to a
>nurse of Schiavo's say on television that she'd heard the brain-damaged
>woman use words such as "mommy" and "help me."
>Next thing, Wilson was in her late husband's red GMC driving to
>Florida to
>join the protesters.
>Her third husband was a child molester who, when she met him, had
>spent five
>years in prison for molesting a 9-year-old girl. He killed himself with
>sleeping pills last July rather than be sent back to prison for
>trying to lure a
>4-year-old out of her yard.
>As Wilson saw it, she'd lost her husband. She'd been fired from her
>job as
>an office manager at an architectural engineering firm. Her son was
>What did she have to lose coming to Florida?
>Wilson said she'd learned as a dietitian that removing a feeding tube is
>So her first stop was in Tallahassee to urge Gov. Jeb Bush to step
>in. Her
>first sign read: "Jeb Bush, are you a man or a mouse?"
>Later, her sign read, "Mommy," "Help me," "Pain."
>Then, "Terri likes Jello."
>And, "American Justice in Crisis."
>Day after day she stood there with her ever-changing array of signs. She
>made friends. She put up five or six protesters in her hotel room for
> two weeks.
>She bought one protester a black suede cowboy hat. She bought others
>She said she helped a woman pay a $300 fine and $150 in towing costs
>she was arrested in a police dispute. In exchange, she got the sign
>she now
>She says she's living off $100,000 she got in insurance money after her
>husband's death. (Some insurance policies will pay out on suicides
>after a
>two-year waiting period.)
>Wilson's son, John Wilds, drove down to Florida with her but headed
>for a
>vacation with friends in Tampa. He returned to Kansas after two weeks.
>"It's interesting because she's never been an activist before," said
>26. "It hit her like a ton of bricks. I think she just had problems
>with her
>past couple of husbands and she took it real serious."
>The day after Schiavo's March 31 death, Wilson made a new sign: "Terri
>Schindler Protest, Phase II." She told everyone she was staying forever.
>"This is life and death for me," she told a reporter.
>* * *
>Wilson keeps in contact with many of the other protesters by e-mail.
>Judy Goldsberry, a former protester who lives in Clearwater, has given
>Wilson a temporary home while she conducts her protest. "It's not
>something I'm
>going to do," Goldsberry said. "But more and more, I've come to think
>she's doing is very valuable."
>At first, Wilson said she would leave when the state or federal
>passed a law banning the removal of a feeding tube.
>Today, she admits the laws likely won't change soon and so she stays to
>promote awareness.
>"This is a one-person job," she said.
>--Times staff researcher Caryn Baird contributed to this report.[Last
>modified May 17, 2005, 01:36:07]
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Barn Kitten Sighting

My tortoiseshell colored barn cat, The Fifth Element, has had kittens some time ago and yesterday I finally got to see the result--- two tortoiseshell kittens were running around the barn loft. They hissed at me when I got near.

Saudi Arabian Officials shred Visitors' Bibles

View the link above for the story.

I find the double standard here newsworthy. Where is Newsweek on this story?

Did Michael Schiavo know current girlfriend before Terri collapsed?

Another unsolved mystery in the Schiavo case.

Perhaps we all ought to pray for Michael Schiavo (Terri's self-made widower) that he have an honest change of heart and realize his wrongdoing.

Koran 'desecration' issue

One hears a lot in the news about whether or not copies of the Koran have been 'desecrated' by being flushed in a toilet (hard on the plumbing), being thrown, kicked or torn, or having bad words written in them.

But when all these hard-bitten anti-religion-fanatic mainstream news media guys say the Koran has (or has not) been 'desecrated', they are affirming a presupposition that the Koran is, in fact, objectively sacred.

Now, people who believe the Koran is sacred logically must believe it comes from God, and that therefore Mohammed was truly a prophet as he said he was. The word for people who believe this way is 'Muslims'.

The news reporters who used the word 'desecrated' may believe that Muslims should be treated with far greater respect than Christians, Odinists or Wiccans, but they are still unbelievers and secularists at heart. They no more believe the Koran was dictated by God than they believe that Elvis is alive and well and flipping burgers somewhere.

Many people who have looked at the Koran objectively have found errors, such as the one where the Bible story of Abraham almost sacrificing his son is retold with the wrong son mentioned. They conclude in light of this that since the Koran claims to be entirely transcriptions of messages brought to Mohammed by an angel who brought the messages from an all-powerful, perfect One True God, that the Koran isn't what it claims to be and is in that sense false.

It is important to be honest and honorable in one's speech. Therefore, unless you have become a Muslim, don't use the word 'desecrated' in referring to an abused Koran.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Gosling Update

Both of the goslings are well. I think one may be male as he is lighter in color. Have to move them out of the brooder they are in since they are with some chicks and one is a tiny bantam who is sick of being stepped on by clumsy goslings.

The nice thing of having a blog is I can go in the archives and find out what day the goslings hatched so I know how old they are. Wish I'd posted the day the cat had kittens because I have no clue when that was.

That didn't take long

This morning my stalker said he was tired of the fight (in a public
forum) and now he's e-mailing me with threats in private.

I've forwarded it to my new Nightmare Realm blog
which is where all my stalker stuff will go in future so I don't have to
put it on my good blogs.

There will be a link on the left side to Nightmare Realm in case
anyone's morbidly curious.

This post is actually a test to see if I can really post via e-mail.
Here goes.......

Thursday, June 02, 2005

More info on the Leslie Burke case

He is the man I mentioned previously who is fighting in court not to get 'death with dignity'.

It seems a disabled person's wishes are only sacred when they wish to die.

History of Euthanasia movement

An essential report for anyone who wishes to have an informed opinion on the issue.