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Monday, May 23, 2005

A tip for better sewing

My old Kenmore sewing machine is about 25 years old, and recently I moved it downstairs so I could work on my memorial quilt for Terri Schiavo and other euthanasia victims. In doing so I finally got around to reading the instruction manual. It said that the sewing machine needle should be replaced with every 3-4 garments you sew. I've never replaced the needle.

When I did, I found out I've been using the wrong size needle all these years--- the needle in it was the size you use for sewing heavy canvas. The right needle works much better.

My mother has a Kenmore that is almost fifty years of age. She says she never changed the needle except when it broke. Maybe she should have. She has a new machine now as the motor in the old was shot and needs fixing.