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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A scary future vision

It is the near future, and worldwide access to birth control and social attitudes against stay-at-home wives and mothers have lowered the worldwide birth rate to the shrinkage rate they have today in some European countries.

New advances in medical research with embryonic tissue means that an embryo, whether conceived in a lab or in a woman's womb, has a greater market value as medical material than as a future baby (which after all costs money to raise.)

Women are valued not as mothers but for their income-producing potential in the workplace. When a lower or middle income woman becomes pregnant, since she can't yet afford a college education for the future child, she feels her only responsible choice is to abort and sell the fetal tissue, to save up for the day when she can responsibly bear a child. Most often menopause will arrive before she accumulates enough money, and she is not likely to have the additional funds to buy the fertility treatments she will need then for even one child.

Children, thus, are a luxury item for the super rich.

With a falling worldwide population, all corporations face falling sales. Workers--- even executives--- are paid less and less, which leads to fewer children and even fewer sales. Businesses fail. A world-wide economic depression ensues.

Fewer and fewer young people are available to do the jobs of caring for the elderly and disabled people who need care. Pension funds and government social welfare funds are cut sharply for care of such people. As a result the elderly and disabled are routinely given poison injections. Others die alone in their homes for lack of simple care. In some cases an elderly or disabled home-bound person starves because home delivery of groceries and meals-on-wheels has stopped.

As this goes on, pro-death organizations encourage workers to take their own lives on retirement day when they become an economic burden to society. This becomes the social norm. But they have not taken into account the fact that the retired folk were consumers, supporting the economy by their purchases. The depression worsens.

In the end, no new children are born. The last few born, as they age, face a miserable future. Most commit suicide by age thirty.

And darkness falls across the face of the earth......

Isn't embryonic stem cell research great!