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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Putting a human face on 'waste' embryos

George W. Bush made a good point the other day when he appeared with a batch of children whose lives came about because, as unneeded embryos from a fertility treatment, they were donated to women who wanted babies.

Which of these charming little children should have been snuffed out to provide human embryos for research?

The fanatics in favor of killing embryos for research who claim this will cure all diseases have yet to explain why the scientists can't play around with animal embryos and cure animals of diseases before they start killing human embryos which could otherwise be used to make babies. Wouldn't it be safer to do animal research first before they start experimentation on humans (along with killing human embryos in the process)?

I am pro-choice on abortion (though I think the abortion rate is very excessive and must be curtailed) because there are two human lives, the unborn baby and the mother. But in embryo research there is only one life involved. No one is hurt if the embryo is given to a woman who wants a baby instead of being killed for research. Don't let them turn this into an abortion thing.