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Monday, May 23, 2005

Protest Assisted Suicide Bill in California

California has an assisted suicide bill under consideration, though they don't call it suicide--- it's 'compassion'. Funny, it used to be when a person expressed the wish to kill themselves the compassionate thing to do was treat them for depression. Even when the person was 'terminally' ill. After all, most people who are diagnosed as terminal go through a phase of depression.

What happens to a depressed person who says 'I want to die', looking for people to say 'I love you and don't want you to go' gets instead the response 'here, take this pill'?

One of the victims of assisted suicide in Oregon was an elderly woman whose daughter was pushing her to it to the point that the first doctor refused to prescribe the lethal pills. The daughter just got a second doctor, and when the old lady wouldn't take the pills she put her in a nursing home to persuade her.

In Holland there's lots of assisted suicide. They have voluntary assisted suicide and involuntary assisted suicide. A Catholic priest from New Jersey pointed out that where he grew up, involuntary suicide was called 'being rubbed out'.

Suicide pushers claim that assisted suicide is needed for people in severe pain but in fact nearly nobody who goes for assisted suicide gives that as a reason. The usual reason is fear--- fear of future pain, fear of urinary incontinence, fear of 'being a burden'. Instead of relieving the fear, it's easier to give a poison pill.

The real agenda is that some people believe the old, the weak and the useless have a duty to die whether they want to or not--- it's cheaper that way. After all, if granny checks out deliberately at age 75 instead of living to 100, the heirs will have a lot more to inherit. The question is: what is more important to you, your mom or grandma having 25 extra good years of life, or you getting enough cash for new snowmobiles for the whole family?

Hitler would be proud of the society we're creating.