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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Our Border as an Attractive Nuisance

When I was a child we lived in California for several years, and two of the houses we lived in had swimming pools. Both of these houses had fully fenced backyards. The reason? All the neighborhood children who did not have their own swimming pools would want to come over and use ours. Without a fence, they could have done so without supervision, and might have drowned. We understood that in the law, if we had something as attractive and dangerous as a swimming pool, we were obliged to prevent children from having unsupervised access to it or we would be legally responsible for any death that occurred.
Now think about our nation's southern border. Crossing the border is so attractive that the illegal immigrants have actually worn paths through the yards of border-dwellers in some areas. And about 300 illegal immigrants die every year in the desert after crossing the border.
I believe that if we as a nation don't have the will to close off our border, we are responsible for the deaths that occur, just as someone with an unfenced backyard swimming pool is responsible for the drowning death of a child. These Mexican illegals (along with other nationalities including Chinese and Arabs) are human beings. Yes, they are breaking the law, but the way the Mexican government is encouraging illegal immigrants (perhaps to distract from their own notorious corruption) they may not know it is illegal, or may think it is one of the laws we Americans no longer enforce like the laws against adultery and swearing in public. Some of the dead are children being brought by their parents, or wives following a husband, or elderly people following their children--- they don't have a choice in the matter.
In this country we have a death penalty in some states for murder. We have a death penalty for being severely disabled, as we've seen in the Terri Schiavo case. But do we really need the death penalty for naive illegal border crossers? You'll notice it's not the drug smugglers who die in these border crossing tragedies--- they know how to protect themselves. It's the most innocent who die.
Those illegal immigrants who survive their border crossing don't have it so good, either. Many women who are illegal immigrants have been forced into prostitution. All are vulnerable to being exploited by criminals, perhaps by being forced into working in some illegal enterprise like sales of drugs. They likely receive far lower wages than any American or legal resident would put up with. They often live in abject squalor. The most innocent of our illegal immigrants are often so fearful of the government that they don't apply for health care aid when they need it--- and they may have serious diseases like tuberculosis.
Some people who falsely claim to be advocating for the illegal immigrants, who call all who disagree with them 'racists', want to perpetuate this situation. They say we need these illegal immigrants to do jobs Americans won't do. Now, any American who is out of work and who refuses any job as being suitable only for illegals needs to be kicked in the asterisk! That attitude hurts our nation.
If we close off our border to illegal crossing, we will have control over who comes into this country. If we want to we can have stations at our southern border handing out green cards to all comers without a background check! Personally I want more control than that--- I'd like a system in which a Mexican didn't have advantages over a Sudanese, a Cambodian or a Ukranian when it comes to getting a green card. But any system that will stop the illegal immigrant carnage every year is better than what we have now.
Get active and write your congressman about this. Do it out of love to save Mexican babies from a dreadful death. The Gods will bless you for it.