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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Irresponsible Media and the Koran in Toilet incident

Haven't the news media ever heard the phrase 'Loose lips sink ships?'

Those who reported the story that some person at Gitmo allegedly threw a Koran in the toilet evidently didn't. Anyone with a lick of common sense could have told them that some in the Muslim world would overreact to this single alleged incident in a dangerous way.

Of course, Muslims throughout the ages have desecrated other people's religions. Mohammed destroyed Pagan holy images in a Pagan shrine at Mecca. Medieval Muslims desecrated the Jewish holy site, the Temple mount, by building a mosque on it. And right now, today, in Africa there are credible reports of incidents in which Muslims desecrated local Christian churches by going in and killing all the Christians.

Throwing one Koran in one toilet--- if it even happened--- wouldn't seem to compare, but many Muslims today don't see it that way. They believe that since their religion (in their eyes) is right and all others are wrong, any hint of an insult to Islam must be avenged while the actual killings of Christians in their church doesn't compare, since it relates to a false religion.

Muslims who have been brought up in that mindset can't really be blamed for their reaction, at least not fully. But the news media types knew full well their reporting might lead to anything up to and including a fatal terrorist attack or hostage taking, and they are morally responsible for any deaths that result.

In World War Two a lot of reporters kept secrets for the sake of the war effort in order to save lives. They have exactly the same responsibility today. Why won't they exercise it?