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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cat hunting season???

It was proposed not too long ago (and defeated) that Wisconsin allow the hunting of 'wild cats'. By that they didn't mean wildcats, but feral or stray domestic cats. It was claimed the cats killed too many birds.

It was suggested that one could tell the difference between a 'wild' cat and some one's pet or working barn cat by looking to see if it had a collar. Whoever said that doesn't know cats. One year I got ambitious and put collars on all my barn cats. By the end of the week only my deaf cat Neelix was still wearing his. To this day I'm still finding abandoned cat collars all over the place.

Another problem is the basic rule of all hunters--- you kill it, you eat it. (That's what I tell my cats when they bring me a mouse.) How many cat hunters are planning to cook up a nice roast kitty-cat for their family?

Last year one of my cats seemed sick so I took it to the vet. The vet called to say it had been shot. The cat in question was Hermione (or The Other Hermione) and she happened to be pregnant at the time. Luckily the kittens survived both the gunshot and the x-ray at the vet, and I still have the two out of her three kittens that survived the hazards of farm life.

Now, don't get me wrong. I certainly don't believe that killing a cat is on the same level as killing a person and if one of my cats is preying on a neighbor's baby chicks, for example, I wouldn't take that neighbor to court over killing the cat. But to allow cat hunting will just kill off a lot of rural pets and barn cats that have owners and homes. I'm glad the measure was defeated and hope it doesn't come to Michigan.