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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dutch Doctors want to Kill Terminally Ill Children

Link leads to news story
In Holland, euthanasia is legal in many circumstances and practiced in far more, as in the case of the many 'involuntary assisted suicides'. Disabled people have to carry cards in their wallets in case they are taken to the hospital , so they won't be put out of their misery.

But there is some hesitation to kill children. A poll shows Dutch doctors want to be able to kill 'terminally ill' children. In the pro-death culture of Holland, most children with a severe illness will be sure to ask for death to spare their families pain and expense.

British man fights for right NOT to die

Link above leads to news story
In England a man with a degenerative brain disease is fighting in court for the right NOT to be starved to death once he no longer can feed himself.

Funny, when it comes to 'right to die' a person's alleged death wishes are sacred. But when a person has the courage to want to live in spite of a severe disability, the guy has to fight in court to avoid being put out of his misery like an unwanted dog.

Supreme Court upholds religious freedom of prison inmates

Link goes to story on the case.

A personal comment: as an Odinist who ran a newsletter for several years, I have had a lot of letters from prison inmates who say that they are denied the right to wear Thor's Hammer pendants while Christian inmates can wear crosses, denied the right to have a copy of the Poetic Edda while Christians can have Bibles, and so on.

Prison inmates are there because they immorally flouted the laws of the land. How are they to learn moral behavior when they are treated unfairly?

While I don't like to coddle prisoners, this ruling is a good thing.

Monk fight in Thailand

Link above should take you to story about a street brawl between Buddhist monks from rival temples.

Just goes to show the Buddhists don't have all the answers.

Monday, May 30, 2005

"New Age" and Euthanasia: by a Norse Pagan

According to the promo for a special issue of Whistleblower Magazine
the euthanasia movement is influenced by 'bizarre New Age beliefs'.

My own Odinist (Norse Pagan) religion is commonly considered 'New Age' and books about our faith tend to be published as 'New Age' books--- even though Odinists and other Pagans, including Wiccans (witches) don't consider themselves New Age and have a low opinion of the New Age movement.

Of course it is sadly true that since the modern revival of Odinism and other historic Pagan religions took place at the same time as the hippie 'counterculture', a lot of baggage from that age has seeped into our faith community--- acceptance of the 'sexual revolution' for example. And some accept the pro-death movement on the theory that if Christians are for it we ought to be against it.

A lot of this is out of ignorance. Most of those who became Odinists knew very little at first. Many of the most important books were out of print. (Imagine what Christianity would be like if the Bible and the ancient texts were all out of print, and all you had to go by was a few descriptions of Christianity by non-Christians).

Many people believe falsely that ancient Pagans in Greece and Rome approved of suicide. In fact it was considered to be cowardly and a form of murder.

It is also commonly believed that Vikings (who practiced the Odinist religion) believed that only warriors who fell in battle got to go to Valhalla, and those who died of sickness went to hell. So when they felt death approaching they would 'rist the runes' on their bodies with a spear point, which is presumed to mean suicide.

This is based on poor scholarship and misunderstanding. First, the place of the dead for Odinists is Hel, which is a realm of bliss, not a punishment place for bad people. In Odinism, everyone goes to Hel when they die. Those who are judged wicked die a second death and go to Niflehel. Warriors don't need to kill themselves to go to Valhalla, either. That is plain in a number of ancient texts.

Viktor Rydberg, in his Teutonic Mythology, has made an exhaustive study of this issue, which is discussed in volume 2 of this three-volume work. He proves conclusively that this 'risting with the runes' nonsense never happened and was based on a misunderstanding of a key text.

Ancient Odinists, and other ancient Pagans, valued courage and despised cowards--- and thought suicide a coward's way out. They respected their elders and thought nothing worse than a young person who thought his elders a burden because they were weak and needed care--- and considered one who would hasten the inheritance as a murderer of the worst sort, not a bringer of mercy.

As for the disabled, two of the most important Gods of the Odinist faith have disabilities--- Tyr has but one hand, Odin has but one eye. A clear message to the Odinist that the disabled are not to be despised.

I conclude with a passage from the Poetic Edda, an ancient text which is the Odinist Bible:

"All undone is no one though at death's door he lie
some with good sons are blessed,
and some with kinsmen, or with coffers full,
and some with deeds well done.

Better alive than lifeless be:
to the quick fall ay the cattle:

May the halt ride a horse, and the handless be herdsman
the deaf man may doughtily fight,
a blind man is better than a burned one, ay:
of what gain is a good man dead?"
(From the Havamal: the sayings of Odin--- a part of the Poetic Edda)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Terri Schiavo case only tip of the iceberg

Insightful article reveals more on the euthanasia problem including an old woman who was deemed incompetant and so her request for food and water were denied and she was starved to death.

This link offers a special edition of a magazine focussing on the issue.

Baby girl who had 2nd head removed goes home

News story linked above tells of an Egyptian baby born with a second head--- a rare defect in which a second conjoined twin failed to form. She is the only case that has survived surgery.

Isn't it amazing what they can do to save a life? Thank the Gods they decided she was worth saving.

Friday, May 27, 2005

National Sex Offender Registry

The link above will take you to the National Sex Offender Registry. You can use this to see if any one in your neighborhood is a convicted offender. I used the Wisconsin state Sex Offender Registry to look up an ex-in-law of a family member that we heard had been convicted of molesting a step-daughter. He was in the registry with a recent color picture.

This is a useful tool for churches and volunteer groups, who can check out prospective Sunday School teachers and others who will work with children. The pictures really help because there are a lot of people with the same names.

One shouldn't be too confident though, there are uncaught offenders. Also, an offender may be able to convince you he was wrongfully convicted even when it isn't true.

There are wrongful convictions in sex cases, and we do need to show kindness even to the guilty. But no one on the sex offender registry should be working with children; they also should not be in certain positions of responsibility--- such as ministers and church elders. The offender must obey the laws of his state on contact with children--- he will get in trouble if he doesn't. Even sex offenders who will never harm anyone again need to obey these rules--- if only to set a good example to others.

Our society must find a way to deal with the sex offenders--- where should they live? What work should they do? What sorts of volunteer work might they be allowed to do if they want to start giving back to society? Perhaps we should have a sort of 'assisted living center' for sex offenders so they would have a certain amount of supervision, and aid in finding acceptable jobs and other activities.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Odinists Against Euthanasia

Odinists against Euthanasia is a Yahoo group for Odinists (Norse Pagans) opposed to euthanasia, assisted suicide and the like.

I expect that non-Odinists from similar faiths such as Druids might also like to join. It's a brand-new group, we need members.

Menominee County Heritage Museum needs younger old people

For many years my parents both volunteered for the Menominee County Historical Society, serving on the Board and being guides in the museum. Last fall my father passed away unexpectedly. Also, the museum curator Bill King who has been the mainstay of the museum has had health problems.

My mother is in charge of recruiting guides to the museum. Nearly all are retired people, and some are getting older and frailer.

What the museum (and others like it across America) really needs is some younger old people. New retirees, or people not yet retired, would be very welcome as volunteers even if they don't have a lot of free time. For example, my mother is always short on people willing to serve as substitute guides in the museum when the regular guides are sick. Even a person with a demanding full time job might be able to serve as a substitute guide once or twice over the course of the season on a day off.

I'm going to be serving as a museum guide once a week, taking the shift my dad used to have--- even though I'm far younger than the other guides. It's fun, I get to meet new people, and I'm helping out. I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who have never really thought of volunteering for something like this, but who might have a great time doing it if they tried it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A scary future vision

It is the near future, and worldwide access to birth control and social attitudes against stay-at-home wives and mothers have lowered the worldwide birth rate to the shrinkage rate they have today in some European countries.

New advances in medical research with embryonic tissue means that an embryo, whether conceived in a lab or in a woman's womb, has a greater market value as medical material than as a future baby (which after all costs money to raise.)

Women are valued not as mothers but for their income-producing potential in the workplace. When a lower or middle income woman becomes pregnant, since she can't yet afford a college education for the future child, she feels her only responsible choice is to abort and sell the fetal tissue, to save up for the day when she can responsibly bear a child. Most often menopause will arrive before she accumulates enough money, and she is not likely to have the additional funds to buy the fertility treatments she will need then for even one child.

Children, thus, are a luxury item for the super rich.

With a falling worldwide population, all corporations face falling sales. Workers--- even executives--- are paid less and less, which leads to fewer children and even fewer sales. Businesses fail. A world-wide economic depression ensues.

Fewer and fewer young people are available to do the jobs of caring for the elderly and disabled people who need care. Pension funds and government social welfare funds are cut sharply for care of such people. As a result the elderly and disabled are routinely given poison injections. Others die alone in their homes for lack of simple care. In some cases an elderly or disabled home-bound person starves because home delivery of groceries and meals-on-wheels has stopped.

As this goes on, pro-death organizations encourage workers to take their own lives on retirement day when they become an economic burden to society. This becomes the social norm. But they have not taken into account the fact that the retired folk were consumers, supporting the economy by their purchases. The depression worsens.

In the end, no new children are born. The last few born, as they age, face a miserable future. Most commit suicide by age thirty.

And darkness falls across the face of the earth......

Isn't embryonic stem cell research great!

Putting a human face on 'waste' embryos

George W. Bush made a good point the other day when he appeared with a batch of children whose lives came about because, as unneeded embryos from a fertility treatment, they were donated to women who wanted babies.

Which of these charming little children should have been snuffed out to provide human embryos for research?

The fanatics in favor of killing embryos for research who claim this will cure all diseases have yet to explain why the scientists can't play around with animal embryos and cure animals of diseases before they start killing human embryos which could otherwise be used to make babies. Wouldn't it be safer to do animal research first before they start experimentation on humans (along with killing human embryos in the process)?

I am pro-choice on abortion (though I think the abortion rate is very excessive and must be curtailed) because there are two human lives, the unborn baby and the mother. But in embryo research there is only one life involved. No one is hurt if the embryo is given to a woman who wants a baby instead of being killed for research. Don't let them turn this into an abortion thing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It's another gosling!

The second goose egg in my hatcher hatched and now I have two goslings. Both have dark markings so might be female.

The rest of the batch of eggs were infertile. That was because I had the three female geese with one male, and that male only mated with his 'wife' from last year, I think. The other two were his daughters so I have to commend his moral values, but I wouldn't have minded a few more fertile eggs.

Cat hunting season???

It was proposed not too long ago (and defeated) that Wisconsin allow the hunting of 'wild cats'. By that they didn't mean wildcats, but feral or stray domestic cats. It was claimed the cats killed too many birds.

It was suggested that one could tell the difference between a 'wild' cat and some one's pet or working barn cat by looking to see if it had a collar. Whoever said that doesn't know cats. One year I got ambitious and put collars on all my barn cats. By the end of the week only my deaf cat Neelix was still wearing his. To this day I'm still finding abandoned cat collars all over the place.

Another problem is the basic rule of all hunters--- you kill it, you eat it. (That's what I tell my cats when they bring me a mouse.) How many cat hunters are planning to cook up a nice roast kitty-cat for their family?

Last year one of my cats seemed sick so I took it to the vet. The vet called to say it had been shot. The cat in question was Hermione (or The Other Hermione) and she happened to be pregnant at the time. Luckily the kittens survived both the gunshot and the x-ray at the vet, and I still have the two out of her three kittens that survived the hazards of farm life.

Now, don't get me wrong. I certainly don't believe that killing a cat is on the same level as killing a person and if one of my cats is preying on a neighbor's baby chicks, for example, I wouldn't take that neighbor to court over killing the cat. But to allow cat hunting will just kill off a lot of rural pets and barn cats that have owners and homes. I'm glad the measure was defeated and hope it doesn't come to Michigan.

Monday, May 23, 2005

A tip for better sewing

My old Kenmore sewing machine is about 25 years old, and recently I moved it downstairs so I could work on my memorial quilt for Terri Schiavo and other euthanasia victims. In doing so I finally got around to reading the instruction manual. It said that the sewing machine needle should be replaced with every 3-4 garments you sew. I've never replaced the needle.

When I did, I found out I've been using the wrong size needle all these years--- the needle in it was the size you use for sewing heavy canvas. The right needle works much better.

My mother has a Kenmore that is almost fifty years of age. She says she never changed the needle except when it broke. Maybe she should have. She has a new machine now as the motor in the old was shot and needs fixing.

Protest Assisted Suicide Bill in California

California has an assisted suicide bill under consideration, though they don't call it suicide--- it's 'compassion'. Funny, it used to be when a person expressed the wish to kill themselves the compassionate thing to do was treat them for depression. Even when the person was 'terminally' ill. After all, most people who are diagnosed as terminal go through a phase of depression.

What happens to a depressed person who says 'I want to die', looking for people to say 'I love you and don't want you to go' gets instead the response 'here, take this pill'?

One of the victims of assisted suicide in Oregon was an elderly woman whose daughter was pushing her to it to the point that the first doctor refused to prescribe the lethal pills. The daughter just got a second doctor, and when the old lady wouldn't take the pills she put her in a nursing home to persuade her.

In Holland there's lots of assisted suicide. They have voluntary assisted suicide and involuntary assisted suicide. A Catholic priest from New Jersey pointed out that where he grew up, involuntary suicide was called 'being rubbed out'.

Suicide pushers claim that assisted suicide is needed for people in severe pain but in fact nearly nobody who goes for assisted suicide gives that as a reason. The usual reason is fear--- fear of future pain, fear of urinary incontinence, fear of 'being a burden'. Instead of relieving the fear, it's easier to give a poison pill.

The real agenda is that some people believe the old, the weak and the useless have a duty to die whether they want to or not--- it's cheaper that way. After all, if granny checks out deliberately at age 75 instead of living to 100, the heirs will have a lot more to inherit. The question is: what is more important to you, your mom or grandma having 25 extra good years of life, or you getting enough cash for new snowmobiles for the whole family?

Hitler would be proud of the society we're creating.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

It's a Gosling!

My first goose egg of the season has hatched. I think it's a girl goose but I can't really tell until it's a couple weeks old. It's a Pilgrim goose, a rare breed, and in the breed the males are white and the females are grey.

Biological Basis of Homosexuality in Sheep

An article of interest to those who wonder what science says about the nature of homosexuality.

While I personally believe that human homosexuality is biologically determined, I don't believe that this can be proved by animal studies because of the fact that humans are not animals.

On the other hand, having once owned an exclusively gay billy goat, I find the article of agricultural interest. Gay animals aren't much good as studs! (Though my gay goat had a nice, non-aggressive personality and would have been useful as a pack or cart goat had he lived longer.)

Monarchist Society of America

And now for something really different....

Another Monarchy site

Women's Christian Temperance Union

On this web site you can join the Women's Christian Temperance Union by taking the anti-alcohol pledge. They are also opposed to tobacco, drugs, gambling, porn, and favor a Marriage Amendment outlawing gay marriage and polygamy.

You might also be interested in the official site of the Prohibition party

While I don't agree with the WCTU in every respect, I have to admire their courage in speaking out for their convictions in spite of the modern attitude of ridicule.

Must Pharmacists Perform Abortions?

Abortion is a morally troubling issue for many Americans. Advocates of legal abortion call themselves 'pro-choice' to indicate that it's not the abortions they are in favor of. But some pro-abortion advocates are not in favor of giving medical workers the choice NOT to participate in abortions.

Some pharmacists who are pro-life, for religious reasons, are not giving out abortifacient drugs. An abortifacient drug is one which causes abortions, and this class of drugs includes the famous RU-482 abortion pill, morning after pills, and ordinary birth control pills. (An IUD is another birth control method which causes abortion, but this is inserted by a doctor.) In addition to killing the embryo, these pills can cause harm to the women who take them.

Since birth control pills are a sacred cow to many--- even when they have been shown to have killed many women--- some are outraged over this and believe that pro-life pharmacists should lose their licenses over this. This is wrong.

Imagine this scenario: a conservative, anti-gay doctor claims he has a cure for homosexuality. It involves prescribing a heavy-duty anti-psychotic drug to the gay person. This drug may stop certain behaviors, but those on the drug develop tremors, flat affect, memory problems, and are unable to hold down any job except the simplist. A patient of this doctor goes in to get a prescription for this drug. The pharmacist on duty is a gay man (let's make him a conservative and deeply religious gay man.). He refuses to fulfill the prescription as he deeply feels it is immoral to damage a patient in this way just because he is gay.

I, being a gay person, would uphold this pharmacist's right. (I also uphold the right of the right-to-life pharmacists). Do we have any doubt, though, that the people that want the pro-life pharmacists to lose their job would protect the gay pharmacist? Do we further have any doubt that the very people who want to protect the pro-life pharmacists would want to pull the gay pharmacist's licence?

We need to encourage people with real moral values when they act on them. We need not agree with them one hundred percent. Aren't the pro-life pharmacists in this story a lot better than that pharmacist who watered down the cancer drugs to make money, possibly killing patients in the process?

I believe that legal abortion must be available because in the case of abortion, there are two human lives present. And in spite of all our medical advances, women can still die in childbirth. If doctors recommend abortion to preserve a woman's life or health, or if the woman has a very strong feeling she has to abort to save herself, I want this to be available. Casual abortion, on the other hand, is a different thing. It not only kills the unborn babies, it makes a negative statement about motherhood and therefore about women, since women alone can become mothers. It hurts women's rights rather than advancing them.

The sacred cow of birth control pills is the most casual form of casual abortion, since most people don't know they cause abortions. Even those who have heard this may believe that only abortion foes believe that, rather than it being an acknowledged medical fact that is kept quiet for political reasons. Many women who walk into a drug store with a prescription for birth control pills--- or even for a morning after pill--- may be women who believe that life begins at conception, women who would never knowingly have an abortion. Isn't it just to give at least a few of them the right to follow their beliefs by allowing pro-life pharmacists to keep their jobs and thus warn unsuspecting women?

Many women who have used birth control pills are in mourning for an unknown number of babies they have aborted over the years they've used the pill. Even if you believe that these early lives don't matter, shouldn't the women matter?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Irresponsible Media and the Koran in Toilet incident

Haven't the news media ever heard the phrase 'Loose lips sink ships?'

Those who reported the story that some person at Gitmo allegedly threw a Koran in the toilet evidently didn't. Anyone with a lick of common sense could have told them that some in the Muslim world would overreact to this single alleged incident in a dangerous way.

Of course, Muslims throughout the ages have desecrated other people's religions. Mohammed destroyed Pagan holy images in a Pagan shrine at Mecca. Medieval Muslims desecrated the Jewish holy site, the Temple mount, by building a mosque on it. And right now, today, in Africa there are credible reports of incidents in which Muslims desecrated local Christian churches by going in and killing all the Christians.

Throwing one Koran in one toilet--- if it even happened--- wouldn't seem to compare, but many Muslims today don't see it that way. They believe that since their religion (in their eyes) is right and all others are wrong, any hint of an insult to Islam must be avenged while the actual killings of Christians in their church doesn't compare, since it relates to a false religion.

Muslims who have been brought up in that mindset can't really be blamed for their reaction, at least not fully. But the news media types knew full well their reporting might lead to anything up to and including a fatal terrorist attack or hostage taking, and they are morally responsible for any deaths that result.

In World War Two a lot of reporters kept secrets for the sake of the war effort in order to save lives. They have exactly the same responsibility today. Why won't they exercise it?

Our Border as an Attractive Nuisance

When I was a child we lived in California for several years, and two of the houses we lived in had swimming pools. Both of these houses had fully fenced backyards. The reason? All the neighborhood children who did not have their own swimming pools would want to come over and use ours. Without a fence, they could have done so without supervision, and might have drowned. We understood that in the law, if we had something as attractive and dangerous as a swimming pool, we were obliged to prevent children from having unsupervised access to it or we would be legally responsible for any death that occurred.
Now think about our nation's southern border. Crossing the border is so attractive that the illegal immigrants have actually worn paths through the yards of border-dwellers in some areas. And about 300 illegal immigrants die every year in the desert after crossing the border.
I believe that if we as a nation don't have the will to close off our border, we are responsible for the deaths that occur, just as someone with an unfenced backyard swimming pool is responsible for the drowning death of a child. These Mexican illegals (along with other nationalities including Chinese and Arabs) are human beings. Yes, they are breaking the law, but the way the Mexican government is encouraging illegal immigrants (perhaps to distract from their own notorious corruption) they may not know it is illegal, or may think it is one of the laws we Americans no longer enforce like the laws against adultery and swearing in public. Some of the dead are children being brought by their parents, or wives following a husband, or elderly people following their children--- they don't have a choice in the matter.
In this country we have a death penalty in some states for murder. We have a death penalty for being severely disabled, as we've seen in the Terri Schiavo case. But do we really need the death penalty for naive illegal border crossers? You'll notice it's not the drug smugglers who die in these border crossing tragedies--- they know how to protect themselves. It's the most innocent who die.
Those illegal immigrants who survive their border crossing don't have it so good, either. Many women who are illegal immigrants have been forced into prostitution. All are vulnerable to being exploited by criminals, perhaps by being forced into working in some illegal enterprise like sales of drugs. They likely receive far lower wages than any American or legal resident would put up with. They often live in abject squalor. The most innocent of our illegal immigrants are often so fearful of the government that they don't apply for health care aid when they need it--- and they may have serious diseases like tuberculosis.
Some people who falsely claim to be advocating for the illegal immigrants, who call all who disagree with them 'racists', want to perpetuate this situation. They say we need these illegal immigrants to do jobs Americans won't do. Now, any American who is out of work and who refuses any job as being suitable only for illegals needs to be kicked in the asterisk! That attitude hurts our nation.
If we close off our border to illegal crossing, we will have control over who comes into this country. If we want to we can have stations at our southern border handing out green cards to all comers without a background check! Personally I want more control than that--- I'd like a system in which a Mexican didn't have advantages over a Sudanese, a Cambodian or a Ukranian when it comes to getting a green card. But any system that will stop the illegal immigrant carnage every year is better than what we have now.
Get active and write your congressman about this. Do it out of love to save Mexican babies from a dreadful death. The Gods will bless you for it.

Friday, May 13, 2005

A Quilt for Terri

As many of you know I've begun a quilting project to memorialize Terri Schiavo and other victims of euthanasia. I've found just the most wonderful quilt block for such a project--- it is called the 'T block' and in the past was used by the Temperance movement. Click on the link for instructions.

One could embroider the names of Terri Schiavo and others on the triangle just above the letter 'T'.

I've already started a quilt using a different block, but I've already got more names of euthanasia victims to memorialize than there are squares in the quilt so it's just going to be a case of 'continued on the next quilt'. Terri's name will be featured in both quilts.

If anyone else out there has been doing a quilt to remember Terri, drop me a line to let me know or else leave a comment. If your quilt is on the internet or you have some other site of interest let me know and I'll put up a link.

Also--- am putting up a 'quilt' section for my web site in which I will be including pictures of quilt squares, useful links, and a list of names of euthanasia victims. Don't know when it's going to be up, though.

Good Site on Kevorkian victims

From the Detroit Free Press, an article with pictures, names and stories of 47 victims of euthanasia advocate/serial killer Jack Kevorkian.

Killing a King for a headline

King George V, father of George VI and grandson of Queen Victoria, did not die of natural causes when he passed away in 1936. Instead, the royal physician, Lord Dawson, plainly admits in his diaries that he gave the apparantly dying king a fatal dose of cocaine and morphine.

The doctor's motive? He wanted the king to die soon enough that his death would make the morning edition of the Times.

Kelleher MJ. "Arranging the death of a king." Crisis. 1998;19(1):6-7
Ramsay JH. "A king, a doctor and a convenient death." British Medical Journal. 1994 May 28;308(6941):1445
Watson F. "The death of George V." History Today. 1986 Dec:36:21-30
Lelyveld, J. "1936 secret is out: doctor sped George V's death" The New York Times. 1986 Nov. 28:A1, A3

PETA compares Holocaust to a steak dinner

The editor of sheep! magazine likes to call the animal rights movement 'the hostility biz'. PETA's latest adventure makes me want to call them a few other things, none of them suitable for mixed company.

They actually compare the ordinary meat-eating that humans (along with animals like wolves and tigers) have been doing since forever to the mass murder of six million Jews and goodness knows how many homosexuals, Gypsies, and handicapped people.

Of course, Hitler, the author of that slaughter, was also concerned over kindness to animals and was a vegetarian. I guess it's only natural that PETA follows in Hitler's footsteps. He is their spiritual leader and role model and you can see it in the way PETA acts.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Baby dies before she could be murdered

Further research on the baby Knya case shows that the child has already passed away before she could be killed by taking her off life support. I'm sure there are other poor children out there in the process of being euthanized or being threatened with such, but the news coverage is almost non-existant and as in this case we are likely not to know about them until it is too late. That's why we need strong anti-euthanasia in place NOW, because by the time you are threatened with death by euthanasia there won't be enough time to save you.

Fight to save baby Knya!

Another fight against euthanasia is going on. This time it is a poor black child named Knya Dismuke Howard. This five-month-old baby has leukemia, needs chemotherapy, and is on 'life support' which is about to be denied against the will of her mother.

Why is the news media ignoring this ongoing MURDER???

It's time to get active and let everyone possible know about this sad case.

Mark Fuhrman probes Schiavo case

Click link to view article. It seems like Fuhrman's going a long way towards redeeming himself after the 'n-word' crisis of the O. J. case.

Don't forget Terri-- make a memorial

Don't let Terri Schindler Schiavo's fight for life and her cruel death be forgotten the way so many other public euthanasia cases have been. (Does anyone remember baby Allan Bollinger?) If we all find a way to memorialize Terri and other euthanasia victims, it will go a long way towards ensuring remembrance.

My own memorial is going to be in the form of a quilt. I've never made a quilt before but I do sew and embroider. I got the idea when Terri was still alive and when I happened to go to a craft shop with my mother and saw the book "Memory Quilts in the Making" from Leisure Arts, I decided to go through with it.

The quilt I am doing is the antique album quilt on page 52. It has 30 rather large blocks which are easy to piece and each one has a generous place in the center on which to embroider a name.

I've been buying quarter-yards of fabric for the blocks, and also have been using fabric from my father's shirts. (My father passed away this past Nov. 30--- not of euthanasia, thank the Gods.)

The other part of the project is in finding the names of euthanasia victims. I've read a number of library books on euthanasia and got a newsletter from the Int. Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide, and this has yielded a number of names, more than I need for the 30 squares of the quilt.

I will be putting up a web site on the quilt and its progress. I hope others will be inspired to make similar quilts and other projects. (Write to my PO box to tell me about yours and I will mention it one this blog and the website.)

Why we put pets down and not people

Click on the link to find an article from the Jewish world review about one aspect of the euthanasia debate. (Fighting euthanasia isn't just for Catholics and evangelicals: I myself am an Odinist)

Link to article--- click here

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Forgetting the Holocaust

In this year's 60th anniversary of the end of World War Two, we remember how shocked everyone was to discover the full story of the holocaust. 'Never forget' was the slogan. 'Never again'.

And yet one important aspect of the holocaust has been forgotten--- the T-4 program for the killing of the 'useless eaters'--- handicapped people--- and some not so handicapped--- that interfered with the bringing forth of a perfect 'master race'.

The idea was that some people had lives that were not worth living and were also a burden on the rest of society which had to pay the cost of their life in institutions. This cost was seen as immense though an institutionalized person's cost of living is far, far less than that of a wealthy movie star, for example.

The killing of the handicapped was not initiated by the Nazis. The medical profession, most of whom were advocates of the eugenics movement which was at the time powerful in the US and England, wanted to take the next step of sanitizing the race by showing 'mercy' to the useless ones.

The techniques used included the gas chambers which were later used in the death camps, and also the use of lethal injection and dehydration and starvation of patients, particularly of deformed infants.

When this program was being sold to the public they spoke of people with very severe disabilities who could not communicate. In time they included milder disabilities, 'anti-social personalities', and the inhabitants of old age homes. Older women who developed mental problems from the shock of their experiences in air raids were put to death in large part to free up hospital beds.

While Terri Schiavo was being slowly murdered, not one television reporter thought to do a little piece on the Nazi euthanasia program, or even on the euthanasia movement today. In fact they covered up for the euthanasia movement by referring again and again to the euthanasia movement's Living Will, popularized by euthanasia advocate Abigail van Buren (Dear Abby), without once using the word 'euthanasia'. As a result, many people, particularly seniors, who are very much against euthanasia are being pressured into signing a standard, pro-death Living Will, thinking they are just signing something which will make it easier to unplug them from life support if they are 'brain dead'. (If you are really brain dead they will unplug you with or without the permission of your family, no Living Will is needed for that.) These people, unless they revoke that Living Will, can now be killed by dehydration/starvation, not just by removing of a feeding tube but by denying spoon-feeding. This can be done if they become disabled, or if they have a condition which is expected to result in death. (Life is a condition which is expected to result in death.)

Action: write a letter to the editor of your local paper reminding people of the euthanasia aspect of the holocaust, and the current state of euthanasia in America today as exemplified in the cases of Terri Schiavo, Nancy Cruzan, and others.