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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Remembering the pope

Now that Pope John Paul II is dead, everyone, even those who fought everything the pope stands for, is speaking well of him.

What he may be most remember for is how he fought the pressure to have the Catholic church do what all the mainline protestant churches were doing: they were abandoning all the old traditions and doctrines of their faith in order to conform to whatever ideas were trendy at the moment. Us older folks may remember reading about or even attending church services where one was told how groovy God was, or invited to groove on God....

The pope stood for the idea that there are in fact moral absolutes: and in addition, rather than throwing out traditional forms of worship for something more 'groovy', he encouraged old-fashioned things like the rosary and the eucharist.

It might be noticed that the mainline protestant churches who abandoned most of their faith to follow the gospel of Sigmund Freud now are shrinking in numbers. The little they have left seems to be a rather political effort on issues such as social justice, and most people don't see the point of going to church for that.

A religion without sincere spiritual content will wither away. Pope John Paul II helped prevent that happening to his church. Those of other faiths could do worse than look to his example.