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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

New Pope is Catholic: why are media guys so surprised?

Pope Benedict, the new holy father of the Catholic faithful, is true to the beliefs of the Catholic faith. He continues in the tradition of John Paul II in that respect. Given how loved John Paul II was, this should please all those Catholics who actually still are Catholics in the sense of practicing the faith.

The news media wanted a pope who would change the Catholic church. They want changes similar to the ones that liberal Protestant denominations have made--- women priests, acceptance of birth control and abortion, and a rejection of the idea of moral absolutes in favor of relativism. Of course, the liberal Protestant churches are shrinking in membership. The people who agree with the liberal Protestant ideas are the same people who don't actually bother to go to church anymore. In the same way, those 'Catholics' who most want change are those who no longer go to Mass. If the church does change they may be happy, but looking at the example of liberal protestantism it's very unlikely that they'll get involved with the Church.

I personally am not a Catholic or any other kind of a Christian, being of the Odinist faith. I don't agree with the Catholic church on many issues--- the teachings on homosexuality and the idea of legally banning all abortion, for example. But the new pope, like the old one, is absolutely right on the issue of fighting moral relativism. If an evil action can be OK, sometimes, and a good one wrong, sometimes, as the relativists teach, how can you make any moral judgment on anything? Even if someone is about to kill you, maybe this is one of those situations where killing is OK, so you have nothing to complain about.

The Catholic church has done a good job standing up against one of the great evils of our time: the euthanasia movement. By the act of re-naming 'euthanasia' as 'right to die', 'compassion in dying' and the like, they have made euthanasia essentially legal in the US, at least in certain forms. The euthanasia movement's 'living will' document has been widely accepted by many people who are not really aware this is a document requesting euthanasia in the case you become 'terminally' ill or disabled. Former President Clinton has suggested that if we can get more older people to sign living wills, this will cut health care costs.

Pope John Paul II had the courage to call this evil by its right name. There is every reason to believe that Pope Benedict will do the same. Even those outside the Catholic faith can welcome this powerful aid in the fight against the falling darkness of the pro-death culture.