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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Deadly Compassion: truth about the euthanasia movement

This is the text of the actual suicide note of Ann Humphry, co-founder of the Hemlock Society, a euthanasia group. The note was addressed to her husband, Derek Humphry, author of the best-selling suicide manual Final Exit.


There. You got what you wanted. Ever since I was diagnosed as having cancer, you have done everything conceivable to precipitate my death.

I was not alone in recognizing what you were doing. What you did--- desertion and abandonment and subsequent harrassment of a dying woman-- is so unspeakable there are not words to describe the horror of it.

Yet you know. And others know too. You will have to live with this until you die.

May you never, ever forget.


Review of the book Deadly Compassion

This book tells about the death of Ann Humphry, co-founder of the Hemlock Society, and also gives a lot of info on the modern euthanasia movement including cases where brain damaged people have been starved/dehydrated just like Terri Schiavo.

Detailed book review also has link to buy the book from Amazon.com