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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The day the baby chicks came

Yesterday my order of baby chicks from the Murray McMurray hatchery came. For those of you trapped in the cities who've never ordered chicks, this is how it goes:

When I order the chicks they announce the day my order will arrive at the post office. (Sometimes the chicks can be a day late though.) The morning they arrive--- some time about 7 in the morning--- the post office calls me to say the baby chicks are there. This year I was prepared--- I was awake and fully dressed at the time.

When I arrive the post office lady hands me the cardboard box with 26 baby chicks peeping away inside. When I bring them home I put them into a brooder area which is sheltered from drafts and which is kept warm by a heat lamp with a red bulb. Last year I found that if you use a cheaper white bulb the chicks may peck one of the weaker ones to death.

The chicks need warmth, food and water and protection from the cats. Last year when the chicks became old enough I put them out in a space in the barn. One of my barn cats kept finding ways to get in and eat chicks even when they were getting quite big. Every time I plugged a hole she found a new one. Finally I gave up on blocking the holes when she started climbing to the ceiling to get through. I got a broody goose and put her in to protect the baby poultry. Next time the cat tried to get in she got trapped in there by the aggressive goose and I had to rescue her.

I heard a few years back they tried to stop them from being able to send baby chicks by mail. This would have put all the hatcheries which specialize in rare breed chicks for small home flocks out of business, and many of the endangered poultry breeds would become extinct. But luckily people got involved and took action and so the right to buy poultry by mail was preserved.

Just shows what people can accomplish when they get up off their butts and do something.