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Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Bickering" in Schiavo case

I've noticed several different news announcers on different networks characterizing what went on in the Schiavo case as 'bickering' which robbed Terri Schiavo of 'death with dignity'.

What was this awful family bickering about? Whether or not to kill this disabled woman by dehydration/starvation! Exactly what compromise were her parents, brother and sister supposed to offer?

As for 'death with dignity'--- it's been implied that fighting to save her life was undignified, showing pictures and videos of her after she became disabled was undignified....

This is the fact: LIFE is undignified from the day we are born to spend a year messing in our diapers, through the constant embarrassment of school life, our first adult years, and then, when we've finally got the ropes of living, the embarrassment of cheeky young people saying we are out of touch. If 'death with dignity' is this highest moral value, how can any murder be criticised? In every case you are sparing the victim lots of undignified incidents in their future life.

Instead of 'death with dignity' the world needs to see the dignity of life, even the dignity of the weak, the disabled, the imperfect.